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Wine red mirror Panel The three-door Refrigerator , Light blue panel of the cabinet Air ulysse nardin quadrato replica conditioning Ultra-thin flat panel Brisk TV ... ... The traditional black and white appliances to wear colorful clothes and become more beautiful fashion. "Black Fu On rough" appearance has been abandoned, household appliances have become refined, light and a character. Not long ago, Matsushita Electronic Exhibition Center in the invention exhibited a fully transparent refrigerator, Hitachi is in the refrigerator to achieve its vision mirror mounted television. Has always been paying great attention to European and American brands, known for playing the "new tricks", the Electrolux introduced the concept of new products in Europe, on the appearance of an alternative, knockoff u boat bizarre imagination to fully express their individual demands. In addition, the manufacturers of classical painting and Sculpture Look into the household electrical appliances. All these developments indicate, the unique designs and the colors will be the focus of the 2008 competition in home appliances, Arts Appliances will emit more dazzling light. Now, let us look at the leading home appliance brand in the new year comes all prepared for us how the "color" appliances, "cool" appliances. White category Electrolux In Europe have "white father" title Electrolux, in Paris and Berlin Fashion Week, has refrigerator, Washing machine Color Challenge was launched. In 2008, Electrolux (China) for Chinese Consumption Who presented a comprehensive color range refrigerator, metal red, metal blue, brushed silver, and many other colors, leading the fashion trend of China's refrigerator industry. Electrolux product design legendary, world-leading Reddot IF Design Award and Red Dot design award, Electrolux products over the years onto the list. If a Silver Series refrigerator, on with its "non-stick coated nano-Imports fingerprint Stainless steel "Panel, in one fell swoop the appearance of the 2007 IF Design Award in Germany. Siemens Siemens replica hamilton pendent set push the high end of the main Sky Bow series refrigerator, design fashionable. Avant-garde of the arc door, so that the refrigerator is more like a boutique worth appreciation. Pearl Silver, sky blue and Jade Green three individual color, so you blossoms with a different style home. in-ternet interface, remote temperature control, refrigerator into the E of the times. TV Class Changhong TV products are black, a small amount of Plating Ukraine golden, transparent color, highlight color can Metal Pop. Following this trend, in 2008, Changhong is still mainly black color, but the premium brand in the process will be used on hot and cold membrane technology, making more highlight black, rich texture; details of the Department will use the same color (black) of different materials Two comparison. Skyworth Will be based on actual demand of consumers to the use of color. Design, the 2008, Skyworth will continue to grasp the elements of fashion design, introduction to the unique Olympics The theme of various limited edition products. Hisense By the end of August this year, Hisense TLM5299 flat-panel TV to the core of the "blue coast" Home Theater Variety of outstanding designs from 400 entries worldwide to stand out, picked up the symbol of the world's highest honor in the 2007 Industrial Design Industrial Germany IF Design Award, which is China's color TV brands 54 years for the first time aspirations to the award. New, beautiful molding process to create a "French Riviera home theater" and high-quality, this TV will be on the merits of the sea intersecting the same soft lines and deep panerai luminor 1950 gmt replica watches blue as the main design features, will be smooth and innovative design complete displayed to achieve a product to communicate with the human mind. TCL The French Top TimThom joined the design team, making TCL the process design worthy of the top TV brand in line with the world. 2008 portrait by the TimThom built Xuanjin E77 series LCD TV Will debut in the series is characterized by the appearance of their body at the bottom of the largest Sound 24K gold luster under replica omega speedmaster unique decorative article. cheap patek philippe neptune watches We are high quality suppliers, our products such as notebook with touch screen Manufacturer , touch panel laptop Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits touch screen tablet pc.