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I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret that every Pro StarCraft 2 players knows and has rarely been rolex submariner online talked about. That is that none of them started out being a pro StarCraft 2 player. Most of the pro StarCraft 2 players right now all around word started their game in StarCraft 1 back 10 years go. So they have 10 years of experiences and are 10 years ahead of you. So that means 10 years ago they were all newbies just like you, and they all started out with something simple and easy to use to get their confidences up. So I'm going to discuss right now a really simple easy to apply Zerg strategy that everyone can use and get started to win some games. Zergling rush is going to be our strategy for this guide, and it is a simple and very effective strategy to use for most low rank league. But even though it is an easy strategy you still need to do it will to really get an tourneau sportgraph for sale edge with it. There are many different Zergling rush strategies but I'm going to tell you two right now. First is the most simple and often refer to a cheese strategy and its call the 6 pool rush. The strategy is based on the fact that Zerg can produce units really quickly and at a cheap cost thus getting their first units out before anyone else in the game. Once you start the game you do nothing but command you're 6 Drones to gather minerals. And upon reaching 200 minerals command one of the Drones to build a spawning pool. Now wait for the pool complete, and once it is completed produce 6 Zerglings A.S.A.P. Then of course you follow up with an attack towards your enemy's base. And, this is why it's call the 6 pool rush cause you only use 6 Drone to gather enough resources to build a fast spawning pool for sell baume mercier watches Zerglings rush. The 2nd and also pretty common Zerglings rush strategy is called the Speedling Rush. Now with the 6 pool rush there are huge risks involved. If your rush fails, then you're pretty screwed. But the Speedling Rush is much safer because you will have a normal economy as you will be producing Drones alone the way. The fake panerai radiomir 8th second idea of the Speedling rush is to upgrade your Zerglings with Metabolic vacheron constantin online Boost giving them extra speed. So the way it works is once you're in a game get to 10 Drones, and then build an Overlord. Once the Overlord is completed produce another Drone and use it to make a Spawning Pool. At the same time build an Extractor for gas and 2 more Drones as well. Once you have about 11 Drones produce a Queen and 2 Zergling, and if you have 100 Gas by now upgrade Metabolic Boost at the Spawning. From here on you can either expand or produce more Zergling for the rush it is completely up to you. But keep in mind elgin veritas replicas that both of these 2 Zergling rush strategy although useful are really just a basic opening build. So if you really want to reach high rank leagues liked the Diamond league go check my some of the more advance StarCraft 2 Guide on my site.