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Just a couple of days ago my friend and I were talking about just how competitive StarCraft 2 is as a game. Now we both play other online competitive games such as Team Fortress 2 and stuff but we both agree that StarCraft 2 is so much more intense and competitive. So here are 5 tips to help any beginners in StarCraft 2 get started in this extreme competitive game. #1 Stick to 1 Race Luckily StarCraft 2 only has 3 different playable races to choice from so it isn't too hard to find a race that you like and stick with it. Many StarCraft 2 players make the mistake of wanting to become a jack of all trade or in other words playing Random. While it is cool to be able to say that you're great with all 3 races, but to in order to compete in a real professional Starcraft 2 league being great is just not enough. You need to be a master of a single race. And the cheap graham chronofighter diver only way to become a master at anything is to stick to it! #2 Learn Every About Your Races While most people just learns build orders or strategies that will get them wins, the real pro of Starcraft 2 invent their own. Anyone can read a build order and use it, but when something doesn't go their way in porsche design world timer fake watches a game they just give up. That's because they don't understand their own race enough. It is great to have some build orders to get you started but in a real game anything goes, and you must know your race enough to change your game plan at any moment. #3 Learn the Maps This is one area that most players don't spend enough time on. Every single StarCraft 2 map plays very differently. There a choke points, ramps, destructible rocks, clips, etc�� all these thing plays a major role in winning and losing a game. Learn the maps and use the Terrains to your advantages, it makes a huge difference. #4 Practices, Practices, Practices You know 98% of all Pro Starcraft 2 players are Korean, and they genuine rolex replica are damn good at the game. But you know chopard l u c pro one watches for sale what their secret is to being so good? I remember in an interview done with one of the top StarCraft 2 player in South Korea, he said that when his not in a tournament he practices 10 hours a day. No wonder his good. #5 fake marion watch co a h wallis watches Read and Learn More Different Strategies Finally the last tip is to read and learn more different types of strategies that there is. The more strategies you know the more prepare you are. The more you know the less surprise you will be when your opponent tries a certain strategy on you, imitation breguet and the less surprise you're the more clam and focus can be to win the game. So, go to my blog and read my StarCraft 2 Guide and varies of different strategies for every race.