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Boston Consulting Group on January 21 survey released, in 2014, "BRIC" - Brazil, Russia, India and China's auto sales will account for one third of the global total, and will be an annual 3 % to 15% rate, more than 2% annual growth in mature markets, but the country's best-selling model is different. ????The report shows that China's car sales in 2014 will account for 61% of the BRICs, but its annual growth will slow to 5%, less than the last 20% to 40% increase. In 2009, Brazil's car market grew 11%, 13% market growth in India, and China surged 42 percent - and Russia have shrunk by 48%. It is predicted that this growth will continue into 2014 ranking. Brazil is probably one of the most stable rolex datejust royal pink fake watches sales growth, market capacity ranked second. India's fastest growing market, but overall capacity is still in third place. Russian market capacity will bottom in 2013, but more than India in 2014. ????The company partners NikolausLang pointed out that several States have an increasing breguet marine ii big date for sale number of car manufacturers, which helps reduce costs and increase purchasing power of the car. In addition, these four countries best imitation rolex are also constantly expanding the size of the middle class. ????"Auto manufacturers can no longer rely solely on a 'global strategy' cars to be successful in these corum online markets," wrote lead author of the report NikolausS.Lang said, "Recognizing the importance and value of the localization, manufacturers need to address the most The problem is to find the BRIC favorite local consumers most wanted car feature. " ????However, there is only generic manufacturers and the general public, suppliers, Bosch and Delphi, only replica blancpain series 2100 for sale four countries in this have a good foundation for development. ????From a consumer demand, the BRICs have their own characteristics. ????Brazil is a hatchback sedan and the Chevrolet Celta, such as sport pickup of such a mature market. India needs a very low-cost mini car, and its should have the ability to cope with traffic congestion and strong air-conditioning system, such as Tata Motors Nano. ????Russia prefer cars like Toyota Camry and the type of SUV. And a long wheelbase cars, large trucks and equipped with entertainment facilities and luxurious decoration of the car will be more attracted the attention of Chinese consumers. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as roll form machinery , rolling forming machine Manufacturer for oversee buyer. cheap audemars piguet royal oak To know more, please visits plate rolling machine.