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With 2010 approaching, ink manufacturers are also looking forward to the new year. Despite the economic situation has started to recover, but we are still worried about potential problems and raw material price fluctuations. ? cheap chronoswiss kairos G Fu Keller Inc. swiss replica omega The company's more optimistic expectations in 2010, they believe the economic crisis has ended, but the growth in consumer demand will also contribute to economic recovery. ? Grams Rich Keller and other U.S. companies made adjustments to the cost structure will receive the results next year. And because inventory reduction, production will rolex explorer ii watches for sale be achieved remarkable growth. Ink companies are facing the greatest difficulty is how to control material costs while providing customers with the most cost-effective services. Sakata Ink Sakata Ink's president and chief executive officer RickClendenning the development of the company in the coming year is full of confidence, but his colleagues fear the emergence of various destabilizing factors in the economic recovery will bring some difficulties. Sun Chemical industry Sun Chemical CEO FelipeMellado that in 2010 both the sun or chemicals for the entire ink industry are challenging year. He said: "The raw material costs will continue to rise, but we will take effective measures to meet customer requirements, and to help them reduce costs. Sun Chemical has been to known to serve customers sincerely, we also believe that their own quality , service and innovation investment done to help our customers be successful. In today's challenging market environment, our solutions not only improve customer's operating efficiency, and does not make them the Print Quality or service levels affected. " Siegwerk Siegwerk PeterHeimerzheim corporate communications director, said: "We do not expect the market to achieve significant growth, but we will strive to maintain the production and revenue levels in 2008." Siegwerk Company believes that the economic recovery in 2010, the ink industry have a certain impact, but the company also intends to invest in the next year to take some action. Flint CEO CharlesKnott Flint said: "We, like other competitors and customers can not predict the economic trends, and production in 2010 and no expectations. In any case, we will make every effort to meet the market needs and to focus on helping customers improve quality and reduce costs top. " It is understood that Flint Group has an experienced, knowledgeable service team, whether in ink, Blanket , Printing Supplies Flexible or sleeve or in the areas of manufacturing, the competitiveness of Flint are invincible. Toyo Ink Toyo Ink YuAdachi corporate communications director, said: "The whole printing ink manufacturing are both at a turbulent period, but with the constant introduction of new products, we believe the situation has improved in 2010. Over the next year our strategic focus will shift to the South American market, this is because there can give us more opportunities. in China and South Asia and India, markets high-performance printing inks and pigments will be increased demand. We will simplify Supply Chain Management System and expansion of high-performance and Environmental protection Range of products to enhance our printing ink business, and thus improve product sales. " Summary Generally speaking, 2010 will be a very difficult year, corum on sale the unemployment rate will continue to rise, and there is no slowdown in demand. Increasing unemployment and decreased consumer purchasing power will be the ink supplier negative impact on productivity, and to no small manufacturers price pressure. In addition, China and India's rapid economic recovery will also further increase the cost of raw materials. I am an expert from, while we provides cheap rolex datejust royal pink watches the quality product, fake audemars piguet watch such as China Electric Deep Fryer , Electric Deep Fryer, Electric Blender,and more.