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Filippo Candio has been a professional poker player for some time. However, he hasn't really been in a lot chopard l u c pro one fake watches of live poker tournaments. He tends to play poker mainly on the Internet on websites such as PokerStars, which sponsored him for some time. vacheron constantin royal eagle for sale The 2010 World Series Of Poker Main Event marked only Filippo Candio's fourth live poker playing appearance. So far in the tournament, he has definitely showed off his skills, though. He has also been full of surprises, sporting Full Tilt Poker patches on his clothes, instead of his traditional PokerStars logos. Filippo is not your typical poker player. He has a unique approach to both the way he plays fake breitling aerospace watches the game and to his life, in general. So, let's take a look at Filippo, as a person and as a 2010 World Series Of Poker powerhouse. Tournament Play: The logos may have changed, but the skills remain. How did he get his tournament play skills? Well, cheap rolex cosmograph he had a good start because he's from tag heuer replica paypal Italy. In Italy, tournament poker is the only form of legalized poker playing. So, People like Filippo Candio and his countryman, Dario Minieri, are extremely experienced and comfortable playing in the tournament poker environment. Filippo's Main Event Ride: So far, at the time this is being written, Filippo Candio stands to win a minimum of $206,000. Since HendonMob reports his career earnings so far at $250,000, that's a big pay day for him, especially when you consider the fact that he's likely to win even more in this year's WSOP Main Event than that. A Good Mix: Filippo Candio brings a good mix of serious and fun to the poker tables. He's very serious about his poker career, but he also has a lighter side. For example, the 25-year-old Candio lists on his Facebook page that his favorite movie is the Dreamworks film "Kung Fu Panda". He also mentions liking many different Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks films. Filippo doesn't limit his fun to just movies, though. He also likes interesting TV shows, like the children's show, "Bananas In Pyjamas". It was originally produced in Australia, but has aired all over the world. It's a cult classic. So, Filippo isn't alone. His musical tastes also have quite a range. He likes many Italian singers, like Lucio Battisti and Fabrio de Andre. However, he also has many more universal groups that he enjoys, such as Lady Gaga. So, he's certainly never likely to be bored, when it comes to music. When The Chips Are Down: When the chips are down, Filippo Candio is all business. He knows exactly what he's doing at the poker tables. That's why he has done so well in the strenuous journey that is the 2010 WSOP Main Event and why he has a strong presence when you search for poker online.
Will he make it to the blancpain leman replica November finals? At the time of this article, the chances look good. Will he win the whole thing? Well, if his tournament experience and his ability to take things as they come are any indication, he has an awesome shot at it.