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Our lap-band cheap chronoswiss representative told us not to bill morbid obesity as the diagnosis when a patient returns for a follow up visit outside the global period. What should we bill here? Should we go by roger dubuis hommage replicas the rep's suggestions and bill a co-morbid condition instead? Well, the diagnosis codes you assign for an encounter should always show the information in the note. If the note says the patient is being followed for morbid obesity (278.01, Morbid obesity) that's the diagnosis code you should go for, irrespective replica bell ross chronograph watch of who suggests otherwise. Depending on the documentation for the actual reason your surgeon is tending to the patient, you might use a different diagnosis code. For example, the physician may be addressing some kind of nutritional deficiency post lap-band, and you should use the proper diagnosis code such as 269.9 (Unspecified nutritional deficiency). Also, you should contact your major payers to see what they have to say about follow up visits outside the global period for lap band procedures. They may have specific instructions such as using V53.51 if the encounter is for making adjustments to the lap band. Tread cautiously: Be very careful when it comes to information from sales people. Even though they hardly provide you absolutely wrong information, sometimes iwc aquatimer online they do not provide a total picture of how things should be handled or depending on their knowledge and experience, they may tell you what they believe is true; however it may not be totally right. Do fake rolex datejust royal pink watch this: Assign the diagnosis code based on good documentation of the actual reason for the patient encounter along with a sound knowledge of coding alternatives for various payers. fake rolex cellini prince for sale For more on this and for other medical coding updates, stay tuned to a medical coding guide like Supercoder.