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Say goodbye to the old myspace profiles, it looks like myspace profile 3.0 is here to stay. I have made this article to try and help you understand how it all works. It's really quite simple compared to the older profiles but it was such a big change and people tend to hate big least in the early stages of a big change. Myspace 3.0 Layout break down I am going to break this down for you to try and make it as simple as possible to understand. The change to profile 3.0 was such a big one that it would be best if you just forget about the old profiles. Myspace 3.0 for a designer is very simple, they understand it easily as it is just a template. Let's break it down for you. The new profile is simply a background, a marquee (previously known as a top header/banner) and then any additional content on the page (usually the middle of the page). I go in more detail about each of these below. Myspace 3.0 Marquee In myspace 3.0 layouts there is an option to add a Marquee. What this does is add some space at the replica watches tag heuer link top of the page, by default this is 250 pixels in height. This allows the band/person to show something important off, as it will likely be the first thing that is seen other than the myspace bar at the top. This section can be bigger than 250 pixels, it can go as high as 999 pixels however anything above 250 pixels will result in the content innitially being hidden. To see the additional content you must click on a bar that will be visible once the height is higher than 250 pixels. This bar will say something like "show more" once clicked the additional content will be shown as the main page of the myspace profile is pushed down. This marquee section is similar to what was once known as a top header/top banner on the previous profiles. Myspace 3.0 Backgrounds This one is self explanatory really, it's the background of the page. This is the huge design point of the page especially in a myspace 3.0 profile. The background needs to have a strong design as there is not as much freedom with a myspace profile 3. We can not customise it as much as previous profiles however the new features make profile 3.0 much more organised and in the long run better. howard series o fake watches A lot of people have being saying they do not like this change but honestly you will learn to love it, once I seen how easy it was to organise things I was in love with the new changes, from a designers point of view it makes life so much easier not having to have a lot of code to get things in place on the page, it's now very easy to move things around. Myspace 3.0 Html Module This is a module that is very effective when used well! Most users will not really know how to use it as you need to know html. If you are not a coder this can get confusing, if you are then you will know how good this module can be. This module allows you to have custom content in the main area of the profile. It separates the default looking profiles from the advanced looking profiles. You will almost always find a custom myspace 3.0 to be using a lange sohne richard lange online html modules as it allows for the more advanced headers on a page and other content to be entered. Without using cheap bvlgari diagono these you are stuck with the default plain looking text headers that myspace provides. Myspace 3.0 Summary To summarise if you are wanting a custom myspace design like you previously used to have with the older versions of myspace then you need a myspace designer that knows all about myspace 3.0 Sure it's possible to get just a background or just a marquee (top header) but to get the whole design you want it all! Myspace Marquee + Myspace Background + Additonal HTML Modules = Myspace 3.0 Template! Do not let the word template confuse you, it's simply a word used quite often in web layouts/myspace layouts etc. It's like a sample "fill in the blank" The myspace 3.0 profile is basically a template. You pick your layout style, you can choose a theme or build your own's about filling in the sample and making it unique to you! Do not use the pre built themes if you want to stand out and be unique! Myspace 3.0 Design for bands should get very fake chopard imperiale watch popular as it cheap columbus watch co for sale offers the band a place to host many songs, and also allows them to have a unique design with a lot of customisable options with the added benefit of ease of use once you have got to grips with myspace 3.0!