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The much-famed and much-loved show Gossip Girl has enraptured viewers for many days now, and with its season 4 being aired, the episodes are getting even better! Developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, this show, with its portrayal of the lives of the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, has been a constant source of entertainment for viewers.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Empire of the Son The lives of the wealthy young adults has been well documented in the Gossip Girl season 4 episodes, as you have all seen till now. In the last episode, you have seen the drama that ensues alongside Eric's eighteenth birthday. Serena, on the other side, had a difficult decision to make. She had to choose between her family and Ben. Meanwhile, you also saw how following Lily's betrayal, the cheap imitation rolex watches relationship between her and Chuck still had to be mended. You also saw Blair's endeavors panerai luminor base watches for sale to plan for her future.

Now, you breguet la tradition replica watches are yet again on the verge of receiving some very spicy news in the voice of Kristen Bell, under the disguise of the ultimate owner of the gossip mills in the show. Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 "Empire of the Son" fake patek philippe calatrava watches will see Ben and Serena's relationship go through another period of crisis. With Ben's mother paying a visit to the city, the two need to survive this rough patch, in order for their relationship to thrive.

Meanwhile, when you watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 17 online, you will also see what happens on the other front franck muller vegas online of the show. Chuck's struggle cheap rolex air king watches to get the control of Bass Industries back from Russell Thorpe faces a lot of trouble when Russell Thorpe becomes even more determined to sustain it. As Russell Thorpe determines to destroy Chuck and Bass Industries, he is faced with a big risk - he might end up losing his daughter in the process. As you can watch soon, Thorpe wouldn't seem chastened by the fact that destroying Chuck will symbolize the alienation of his daughter. Gossip Girl, this week, has all the elements that have made season 4 so successful. With episode 17 coming soon, that tradition still continues. You can enjoy the marvelous installment again, when you catch it online.

After his eighteenth birthday, Eric will be faced with a big surprise. You will see Serena and Eric's father returning to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Serena and Eric's father, William van der Woodsen, is Lily's ex-husband. As you grab a Gossip Girl season 4 episode 17 download, you can catch all the fun and gossip that the show promises. This episode is nothing dissimilar when it comes to the dose of entertainment that the show provides us with. Billy Baldwin will return in the role of William van der Woodsen. With this episode, the popularity of Gossip Girl is bound to boost!Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Empire of the Son