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Every year you've been giving Christmas gifts to your family, and every year you come to the age-old dilemma of what to get that's new and interesting. This year you really want universal geneve replica to get something unique and that will let them know that you put effort into making this Christmas present a really special one - just for them. However, you have a budget and you don't have oodles of time. Never fear - there are plenty of time saving and cost effective presents out there that will be just as much fun (if not more!) than if you had emptied your entire wallet into the shop keeper's outstretched hands. 1. Alliterated Gifts Who says Christmas presents have to be one substantial gift wrapped neatly under the tree? Choose a word (for example "Christmas", or the recipient's name) and find a small gift that is fun and useful for every letter of the chosen word. Wrap them individually for lots of unwrapping fun, or place them all inside one gift bag with tissue paper on the top. Christmas - how would this gift idea work for this present? C - Candle; H - Hacky Sack; R - Radio; I - "I Love You" bear; S - Sunglass; T - Tea; M - M&M's; A - Art Stuff; S - Snoopy comic book. Obviously you would want to tailor this list to reflect the interests of your recipient, and you can come up with some pretty wild and fun ideas for this! 2. Create a Treasure Hunt Who says a present has to be wrapped neatly under the Christmas tree? Make them work for their Christmas gifts! Weight a box with a rock or brick so it feels like the weight of a present (you may need to put some newspaper in as well to keep the weight from slipping around) and place your first clue for the treasure hunt inside the package. Wrap it up like a present. Have cheap chronoswiss for sale clues around the house and yard (weather permitting) and have them hunt for their present at the end of the search! This is a great way to do a family gift of candies and chocolate, as everyone can join in the fun and enjoy the rewards at the end too! 3. Plan a special event for January After Christmas and New Years, you can fake piaget dancer for sale kind of settle into this mundane "waiting for the end of winter" period (if you're from the Northern Hemisphere). Why not spread out some of the joys of Christmas, by making your Christmas presents last well into the new year? Plan a fun event and make that your gift - whether it be planning a ski trip, a hike, a trip to the beach (if you're from the southern hemisphere!), a picnic at a park, or simply a date to go for an ice cream. Remember, it doesn't have to be extravagant. Find something that meets your budget but that will create some happy memories, and go for it! 4. Make your Christmas gifts Create a photo album of all your favourite memories with that person from the past year(s); knit a scarf; embroider a towel; bake their favourite cookies; make some jewellery; make a decoupage plate; make a photo gift with their favourite photo. Get crafty and come up with some great Christmas presents that replica breitling for sale you'll have a whole lot of fun creating! 5. Gizmos and Gadgets If you really want to go with a traditional Christmas gift, liven it up a little for the ones who have a sense of humour. There are some great, clean gifts out there that give a good laugh on Christmas Day and replica ulysse nardin sonata beyond as they show them off to their co-workers and friends. The breguet marine royale watches for sale flying monkey slingshots across the room, screaming as it goes. The BBQ branding iron allows you to brand your steaks with your own name. The self-stirring coffee mug means you can be lazy and don't even have to pick up a spoon to stir your drink! The list is endless, and there are so many excellent, fun gifts out there. See how easy unique Christmas presents can be? Once you begin thinking outside the box you've been in all these years, it's really not that difficult and you'll have a whole lot more fun, as will your recipient!