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Having minor toothaches maybe a regular part of your life. You may have often experienced inflamed gums and tooth bleeding and got over it in a few days. But, are tooth problems really that simple? Well, surely not. Constant tooth problem is a sign that your immunity has become lower due to lack of proper dental care. If you do not take care of your teeth at this stage, you will soon encounter major teeth issues that will leave you at a painful and inoperative stage. Oral health is not just about teeth and gums, it is also part of your entire body health. Unfortunately, a lot of people around the world are currently suffering from severe tooth problems and dental cavities. Now, let's shed some light on how cavities happen. Cavities generally result from a severe rolex yacht master online deterioration of your teeth structure called tooth decay, which can impact both your dentin and enamel. Cavities usually result from food containing carbohydrate such as milk, cakes, breads and cereals left on your teeth. When this happens, your oral bacteria digest these foods and transform them into harmful lactic acids. These acids create holes in your teeth which destroy your tooth enamel. The resulting outcome is plaque, caused by the food remains, bacteria and saliva in your mouth. These acids gradually dissolve the surface of your tooth enamel and create holes known as caries or cavities. These cavities eventually lead to severe toothaches that may hamper your daily work. Dental cavities are caused by a number of reasons; five of them are discussed below. 1. Poor oral health is the primary reason behind dental cavities. To maintain proper dental health, regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day, as suggested by dentists, are a must. You usually do them twice a day- once before bedtime and again in the morning, but you can do it more than that if necessary. Thus, lactic acids fake breitling bentley which create dental cavities in your teeth may be removed regularly, preventing plaque and tooth decay. 2. Improper diets, such as starchy and sugary content also fuel bacterial growth. Sugary food particles are converted to lactic acid in just 20 cheap patek philippe nautilus watches minutes. buy zenith 3. Lack of fluoride is also a significant reason behind dental cavities. Fluoride is a substance that fights and prevents tooth decay. It hardens the enamel of your teeth, making them immune to acids. Thus, dentists highly recommend drinking fluoridated water and using fluoride toothpastes. gerald genta sport watches for sale 4. Alcohol consumption is also a significant reason behind dental cavities. Alcohol is not just harmful for your oral health, but as you already know, it is also dangerous to your overall health. 5. Smoking, which has severe consequences on your health, is also responsible for dental cavities. Even if you are a non-smoker, you can still develop dental cavities by inhaling smoke if someone is smoking regularly around you. These are the reasons which basically contribute to dental cavities. If you can avoid them carefully, you can minimize the risk of affecting or losing your precious teeth. The Danes have a very interesting and unique word for dental cavities and it is Huller i t?nderne pris. If you want to learn more on that subject, visit replica watches chronoswiss kairos this Danish website. If you don't know Danish, use Google Translator for help. To see how you can prevent dental cavities, read this interesting article.