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Getting Started with Yahoo Pipes To use Yahoo Pipes, you must first create a Yahoo Pipes account by visiting Once you've done it, you can click on "Create a Pipe" and you'll be taken to your "canvas" where you can start building your Pipe and convert your HTML pages to RSS feeds in no time. Download Page Module First you want to withdraw "Fetch Page" module from "Sources" category on the left side of the page on the canvas. You will find that replica iwc der dopple when you did it, a "Pipe Output" bar also appeared on the canvas. When you are ready to save and run your pipes, you must connect your modules to Pipe Output of the run. Fetch Page module will prompt you to enter the URL of the HTML page you want to scratch, so go ahead and do it. Once you've done it, your hand will have put in "Debugger" at the bottom of the canvas. Here where you can view the HTML source code on your page. So far so good. Now, this site has cheap tag heuer watches been loaded in Pipes, you may want to select start and end points of the content you want to scrape replica ulysse nardin quadrato from the side. For example, if you wanted to scrape a table you can choose the starting points as the content "and ending point as the content". You can also optionally select a delimiter (a character as a comma or tab that separates data). Remember what attributes to your HTML page you want to have for your title, description and URL for your RSS feed. Now that you have "scratched" your HTML page using Fetch Page module in Yahoo Pipes, you must convert it to RSS. Create RSS Module Next you need to connect your Fetch Page module to "Create RSS" module. Then drop the "Create RSS" module located under the "Operators" category on the canvas. Connecting the two modules together, you simply click on the bottom of Fetch Page module and drag it into the connector on Create RSS module. There will be several drop-down lists populated with different attributes that you can choose from your HTML page to convert to RSS. Depending on how you split your content in the Fetch Page module, you can see different options in the drop down menus. Tip You might want to experiment with dividing your content into Fetch Page module to end up with different attributes to your RSS feed. You can also try to rename various attributes using the "Rename" module. It's definitely something worth playing around with to get the results you need. If you simply want your HTML page turned into a gigantic RSS item and then select "item.content" in "Description" drop-down menu Create RSS module. If you want multiple items in your RSS feed so you'll have to play around with Fetch and Rename Page modules for replica watches ball different attributes. To end your Yahoo Pipe, you must connect it to the Pipe Output and save it. Output as RSS Once you save your pipes, you can run it and select "Get as RSS" from Pipe the output side. You can also print your Pipe as an "HTML Badge" to place the RSS feed on your site with a simple piece of code. Summarizing Hopefully after reading this article, you've got rolex datejust royal pink on sale an understanding of Yahoo Pipes and a quick and easy way to convert HTML to RSS. This quick tutorial will get you up and running to convert your HTML to RSS, but it's certainly something you want to play around with if you want replica a lange sohne watches to get serious scraping sites and turn them into RSS. Yahoo Pipes is definitely one of the best and free opportunities to do this! If you want to take it a step further and learn how to style your RSS feeds with CSS, so be sure to grab the style sheet by visiting Pipes tutorial in my sig. PIC18 PIC24