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Traditionally, the products of the olive tree have been used for medical remedies for thousands of swiss fakes years. Documented records of its use go back as far as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Physicians use the leaves to treat skin rashes and boils. As recently as the mid-1800s, a tea of brewed olive leaf extract was used to reduce fevers and combat malaria. It was not until fairly recently that a pharmaceutical company managed to isolate the active medical ingredient. When this happened it meant that the olive leaf had finally transitioned from traditional folk remedies to a potentially highly useful medicine. As research continues, the olive leaf extract has found many uses. It is used to treat diabetes, destroy a wide variety of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections. High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease The active ingredient in olive leaf extract is Oleuropein. It has been found to inhibit oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL, the "bad" cholesterol). Equally important it relaxes the artery walls surrounding the heart. Studies have shown it can also relieve arrhythmia (heart beat irregularities). All these factors combine to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This may help explain why Mediterranean people, who consume a lot of olive oils, are famous for their low heart disease rates. Diabetes Recent research has shown that olive leaf olive leaf extract was found to lower blood sugar levels. Exactly, how it did this is still being replica panerai luminor marina watches researched. Early studies indicate it helps the body's absorption of residual glucose. Finally, the benefits of olive leaf extract in preventing sell cartier watches heart disease can ease the destructive cardiovascular complications' diabetes causes. Anti-Bacterial Properties The olive tree is quite remarkable in that it can resist insects and bacterial disease. Scientists are now researching how to turn that natural property of oleuropein to human benefit. When olives are preserved in brine (salt and vinegar), oleuropein is chemically transformed into elenolic acid. This acid has powerful anti-bacterial properties, killing dozens of bacterial infections, including staff infections. Anti-Viral Properties This elenolic acid also interferes with the amino acid production crucial to virus reproduction. In other words, it prevents the growth of almost every viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Furthermore, oleuropein attacks the protein coat of virus cells. It dissolves their protective membrane and breaks through cheap graham into the infected cells. This doesn't kill the virus, so much as severely weaken it so that the body's natural immune system can kill it off. A New Treatment for AIDS? Perhaps the most exciting results of has been in treating HIV and the AIDS virus. Oleuropein's ability to weaken virus cells and prevent them from reproducing throughout the body, as mentioned above, also appears to affect the AIDS virus. Studies where olive leaf extract was included in HIV medicine found that it reduces the transmission of HIV1 through cell-to-cell infection. Although not a cure, it may drastically slow down the HIV infection, prolonging buy cartier santos the life of the AIDS patient. The best way to take olive leaf extract daily is in a supplement. Many of the mass produced vitamins such as you see on the supermarket shelves will not really benefit you. Be very wary of the word "natural" as it is an extremely misused word. Too many of the vitamins sold today are nothing more than synthetic chemicals. The secret is to do your research and find a multivitamin supplement that includes herbal extracts. You will know when you have chosen the right multivitamin. Your energy levels will increase along with your health and sense of well-being. If you want to find the best natural multivitamin supplement with the highest quality olive leaf extract which I and my family take every day replica rolex sea dweller watch to keep us healthy. Go and visit my website