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"51" small holiday, many people choose to shop. Chengdu major Home Appliances Marketplace has also ushered in Sell Season. Consumer enthusiasm for "51" small holiday weight-loss, the store sales have remained a gold sales peak. According to statistics, "51" period, Suning All electrical appliances sold over five million Sichuan, GOME Electrical Appliances Sales of more than 300 million. Air conditioning Color TV, refrigerators, washing machines and other product sales among the best. Selling hot checkout queues Is booming in the entrance hall decorated, colorful Gift Stacking, a steady stream of people from ... ... May 2 evening, although close to 8:00, but the Su Ningxi Avenue store cash register point of the size of each floor is still full with waiting for payment of the consumer, forming long queues . Salesman said, "Despite the early addition of temporary cash register 50 points, but all of the cash register or from the door has been overcrowded since we busy. Even the finance department for all employees to reinforce, or overwhelmed. " Suning Appliance responsible person, "51" introduced during the Sichuan Suning unprecedented offer many activities which attracted wide participation of Chengdu consumers, and some families have even delayed the travel plans, is to rush affordable these days buy electrical appliances. 3 days of sales 5 million air conditioning color TV's most fire Gu Wei, general manager of Sichuan Suning introduced a series of stimulating domestic demand in replica iwc portuguese watch the country and the overall economic environment, the situation is gradually improving, consumer confidence has improved tremendously, and in the traditional shopping season of "51" broke out during the focus . Him, from on May 1 -5 3, Suning the total sales in the whole River reached 5 billion, almost occupied the whole of Sichuan appliance market share of 60%, relatively substantial growth of 100% last year many. Among them, air conditioning, color TV buy breitling wings as the two key montblanc watches replica growth category, reaching sales accounting for 50% of its total. 3C group followed the same time, computer, Digital 3C, led by sales of consumer electronics products increased sharply last year compared to 187%, while the refrigerator, washing machine, electrical life have also maintained steady growth in sales over the same period a new record high. Wei Gu said that this year "51" air-conditioning, color TV sales especially prominent, first days of the temperature rise, many people buy air conditioners Chen Jiaqi implementation of the plan, the other is to Decoration Members of the public to buy household appliances for the new house, which directly drive the air conditioning and color TV sales. It is reported that Suning will extend the promotion to the Golden Week on May 7, with the greatest sales force to meet the shopping needs of holiday passenger traffic back to the city. I am an cheap daniel jean richard for sale expert from, replica ball for sale while we provides cheap chopard l u c pro one watches the quality product, such as Silicon Chip Stacker , Gasoline LPG Forklift Truck Manufacturer, Gasoline LPG Forklift Truck,and more.