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Owning a McDonald's franchise can be one of the best business decisions that you make if you have the right stuff to succeed with this business. In fact, if done right, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have. But before you go out there and start chronoswiss regulateur replicas serving your share of billions of hamburgers, there's certain things you must know about owning a McDonald's franchise. McDonald's franchise has been in existence since 1955 and the franchisees themselves have played a major role in the success of the company. Today, there are fake hamilton for sale roughly over 30,000 restaurants spanning the globe in over 100 countries. There are basically 2 scenarios to choose from in you are considering to buy a McDonald's franchise. The first is to purchase an existing restaurant from the company or another franchise owner, which happens to be the most common practice. The other scenario is to purchase a restaurant that is brand new and built from the baume mercier capeland replica ground up. Either way, you must have a minimum of $300,000 down payment that can NOT be borrowed. That's just the down payment. Other replica hamilton railway special watch factors in buying a McDonald's franchise include having good management skills, the ability to manage finances well, significant business experience, you must be able to execute and deliver on a business plan, you have to maintain exceptional customer service and you have to have replica universal geneve a good credit history. Not having these things will most likely eliminate you from owning this franchise. Most experts will tell you that breaking even in the first 7-10 years is doing a real good job of running your McDonald's franchise. Part of the ongoing expenses include the traditional expenses like rent, utilities, inventory, wages and of course the 4% royalty fees that are based on gross revenues and not net profits. What's interesting to know is that the McDonald's corporation replica watches swiss usually owns the land the franchises are on and the franchise owners pay their rent to the corporation. In fact, it can be argued that McDonald's is actually in the business of real estate since they are one of the largest holders of real estate in the world. Bottom line is that owing a McDonald's franchise is not for the timid. You have to have considerable net worth, a good track record and still get approval by the company. Not all franchises are this way and if you don't qualify for a McDonald's franchise, then there are plenty of other viable options for you. For information on a franchise with NO royalties, NO territory restrictions, NO advertising fees, NO building or office required, NO credit check, NO analysis of your net worth & is 100% scalable, visit BizziBiz Franchise or contact Gerek Allen to get more information. Gerek Allen is an entrepreneur, Internet marketer and digital marketing franchise owner.