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A tot in me Hi this is Rick, the only son of my parents, very close to my mom, and my heart still searches my mom's lap when I feel loneliness. Yes I have already spend my 25th autumn, and now I am a software engineer but my mind is still looking for those days when my mom used to take me in my primary school. Now I am enough matured to take decision, but that day when I did not know even what to eat, from that day to now the scenarios has been changed a lot but do you know one thing; yes my sweet mom I am telling to you i am still not enough mature to take decision like you. I had many dolls in my fake hublot watches childhood (hahahaha��..), I don't remember all the dolls but do you know one thing; yes my dad I am telling to you I still remember those feelings when you used to buy my favorite dolls for me, I became so happy that makes me feel the happiest child of the universe, I can't forget, because the truth is that I am still waiting for your gift may dad that "super man" what you gave me in my 8th birthday. When I was cheap audemars piguet royal oak watches in school I have a group of friend's; everyday we used to share our Tiffin with each other that same habit continues from school corridor to office canteen. When cheap cartier tank americaine for sale I was small I used think about the birds, flowers, butterflies, colors etc and I was amazed to think about that how mysterious the universe and it's creations is, but that time I could not express my feelings ,but I could feel it, that particular feelings is still haunting me and now I am able to express that feelings in words; I still thinks about the life ,about the small ant , I also feel the speech of flower ,still I try to understand that how the birds buy ulysse nardin quadrato communicate with each other ,and still i am searching the answer of that question what raised in mind when I asked it to my cheap roger dubuis much more for sale mom at my little age and that question is that "who am I?", "From where I have came?" Often I remember that school days that tough schedule and patek philippe dual time replica watches that math teacher who scolded me for my small mistake in subtraction but now I am able to understand that how the subtraction, addition, division are important in our daily life and I still wish to attend that class to rectify some portion of my past life to make the little better of my present Life is continuous, time is unstoppable, nothing is stagnant today what I have; tomorrow it will be memory but the sweet memory never be rubbed and the golden days what we had spend at childhood can never be back, but there is only one way to go back that old days and that only way is to keep our heart just like a child (kuch samay ke liiye hi sahi��..) Because "dil toh bachhaa�� hai ji"

article is an original piece and written by Rick Saha