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To improve the air can Water heater Practitioners of professional skills, enhance Air to water heater Technical services industry, power, air energy water heater industry boost the healthy development of the sixth "air to water rolex submariner replica watches heater cheapest replica watch Whampoa Military Academy Training Course" now offer public enrollment. Training is scheduled for 2009 August 1 to August 4, place the site in Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy. Since August 1, 2006 the first "air to water cheap chronoswiss lunar heater Whampoa Military Academy course," its inception, the community has cultivated a large number of excellent air to water heater technical service personnel, to some extent alleviated the air to water heater industry, shortage of technical personnel pressure. This initiative not only strengthened the air to water heater industry of qualified personnel, the air can further promote the development of water heater industry. Peers and the community has been widely acclaimed. An industry can not develop without the support of industry professionals. Now, with the air heater can raise awareness of air to water heater industry is being continuously developed, which means that industry will need more technical service personnel training. Guangdong With benefits Electric Co., Ltd. will work together with the water heater industry colleagues, training professionals for the industry to jointly promote the healthy air to water heater market development. Organizer: Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd. with the benefit Registration conditions: in air can Heat pump water heater Industry staff Registration: Free admission application forms are available at our website Home download, or obtained by calling 020-81419999. Completed application form after the July 20 fax from Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd. Training Department with the benefits received. Fax No. :020-81419000 or e-mail. Registration Deadline: July 20, 2009 Entry Requirements: Students with the approval of the Company's audit fax or mail prints. fake ebel 1911 watches Note: 1, during the training in the Whampoa Military Academy, with the benefits the company provides students with free room and board, do not receive any training. 2, the participants of round-trip transportation and training outside their own expense in blancpain sport time zone for sale Guangzhou, bring their own personal items. Contact: Ms Leung, Miss Ho, Miss Tan Tel :020-81419999 ,020-62741889 ,020-62741899 Fax :020-81419000 Car road map Car way:>> Guangzhou Railway Station ---- x (2 lines) ---- Park subway station before the transfer (Line 1) direct access Hang Hau MTR Station ---- C export and car access. (Please call in advance notice) Car way:>> Guangzhou East Railway Station ---- by (Line 1) direct access Hang Hau MTR Station ---- C export and car access. (Please call ahead to inform) Hall in three:>> ---- Baiyun Airport by Airport Express Line 3 ---- ---- Direct Fangcun over bridge to the subway and get off at Hang Hau Station C export and vehicle access. Related topics: Dossier rain successful countryside Solar Energy Water Heater Related Reading: Xining is expected to implement ground source heat pump heating and cooling projects Agricultural Division Three groups of new residential building sites source heat pump heating system

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