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As fresh, potable water becomes an increasingly scarce commodity - especially in drought-prone areas of the U.S., it seems more and more of a waste to squander it on "luxuries" like water landscaping and flushing toilets. With that in mind and to assist building owners with meeting the challenges of achieving LEED certification, Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA "Wahaso" is paving bulgari replika the way by designing concord c1 chronograph online and implementing rainwater systems based on new and ancient methods of harvesting rainwater, and making their innovative solutions readily available to commercial and institutional building owners. Based on their 30+ years of experience and combined expertise, the company has developed several creative rainwater systems to effectively capture and reuse rainwater and "greywater" (from showers and sinks) that can provide long-lasting economic benefits for commercial and institutional building owners. Theses rainwater systems and solutions are designed to reclaim and reuse the millions of gallons of water from such water-intensive sources as toilet flushing, water landscaping, and others that are largely wasted in commercial and institutional buildings. By implementing a rainwater system, building owners can significantly reduce the costs of municipal water charges and waste-water treatment fees. With the company's advice and rainwater systems, a building owner can easily and efficiently install a roof garden that can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning expenses and put dubey schaldenbrand replicas the building owner on the path to getting LEED points. A roof garden is just one of the innovative and creative rainwater systems that can help building owners to achieve LEED certification. Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA "Wahaso" offers a variety of expert services to architects, engineers, building owners and contractors of commercial and institutional properties nationwide. Their custom rainwater systems may be just what you need to garner the LEED certification you want for your commercial or institutional building. replica watches gerald genta retro sport The experts at Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA "Wahaso" have more than 30 years of experience in the field of water conservation, engineering, fabrication and environmental issues. Their holistic approach to designing and building rainwater systems that can help you achieve LEED certification continues to meet and exceed their clients' expectations. As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, the company understands the goals and concerns of commercial iwc der dopple on sale and institutional building panerai replica swiss owners who are striving to achieve LEED certification for their building. They are committed to actively supporting the design and documentation of rainwater systems to help you achieve LEED certification for your building.