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"Press 1 +1" May 11, 2010 broadcast?? Foxconn: "Seven even jump" conundrum, the following Record

Host (Dong Qian): Welcome to "press 1 +1."
5 iwc der flieger replica watches 6 Foxconn has taken place with staff committed suicide events, this is already the seventh since January, is suicide, but also a jumping off buildings, it is Foxconn, knowing this person Foxconn will want to know why the incident occurred seven even jump in the back in the end it was accidental or inevitable? Not long ago, "Press 1 +1" news reporters rushed to the investigation was carried out.

(Play video) Commentary: Lu new, 24-year-old, in August 2009 into the Foxconn group, in cheap patek philippe watches this group for the new recruits at the talent contest, just leave the school, he also received a second prize. But is this love of music, also participated in the happy boys and young men, but in the early morning of May 6 this year, selected plunged into the stream, with an extreme way to the end of his young life.

Yi-Chich Chiu Kam (Foxconn sector co-leader): about it in that position, from here on up.
Commentary: This is the new jumping locations Lu, Fuji Kang Longhua factory VIP guest house on the sixth floor.

Has Red Collar (Lu new colleagues, university students): see scenery, he said, after replica howard series o this statement after the station for a while, and soon the speed, the windows opened, jump the balcony and then from the balcony the jump off, do not hesitate to hesitate. We'll pull him up, pulled his left arm a little clothing, which he threw off.
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Commentary: Red Collar has now also failed to grab the new LU is guilty, he is Lu new students at Xiangtan University, and together they graduate into Foxconn, specifically the recruitment of graduates of the Ching dry shifts From the beginning of this year 51, had red collar found a new spirit of Lu state very well, often it was tracking, and even to kill him, had also expressed interest in returning home in Hunan.

Has Red Collar: He went off on a police patrol, he said that someone wants to kill him, and want to harm him.

Commentary: Red Collar has put in charge of reporting to the Foxconn Foxconn arranged for him and another friend to appease the new Lu, living in hostels, and linked to the LU the new family to come as soon as possible to help alleviate the Lu The new mood. The new family in Lu, while starting from the home, at half past four on May 6, Lu new name or to look at the scenery out of the room, leap the.

Kun (Shenzhen Foxconn news person): We are pleased to see that this so-called seventh jump We tried, we did some assessments in advance, so that pre-intervention.

Commentary: Now when the news of suicide Lu boarded a number of new media, layout, many people do not understand and accept the fact.

Has Red Collar: He likes to sing, more communicative, he often, usually he approached me to play here, go there to play, is very cheerful, and smile more HIGH.

Commentary: Red Collar and Lu had been last August to enter the new Jing dry classes, that is, working class cadres reserves, training and then was assigned to the various departments, the monthly basic salary of two thousand dollars. Lu new home in fake american watch co watch the rural areas, family difficulties, his younger brother to school, give up the opportunities of further study. After entering Foxconn, Lu new option to work overtime to make more money, but has red collar, said Lu had complained the new distress at work, just a few months, he proposed to charge for the work.

This is Lu new only opened in February of this year's blog, above the record of a boy's dream to pursue the track. In the final paper written on March 4 article in the new Lu wrote, "If I can, I could keep on writing songs, I have no money, no hardware to do the music, and even Computer Also reluctant to buy, not to mention ulysse nardin online record companies, youth perishable. I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as travel lap desk , watercolor paint sets.