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"Gates of fire, adverse impacts." Crisis in the country after the United States, the most fear is that supplier. Crisis in the U.S. extension of the country far more than Huang Guangyu And GOME and GOME in the same boat suppliers are no exception. This is the supplier by the National United States and "a prospering harmed" relations decision. As China's largest retailer, Gome itself is nearly 300 000 employees, 1,300 stores nationwide, more than 1,000 billion in 2007 to achieve revenue, sales of its powerful ability to catch up to peers. Country United States of all Home Appliances The largest channel partner companies, is competing for market share in household electrical appliance enterprises an important platform. Gome Huang Guangyu event because if a crisis supplier nor comfortable. ST Kim Tae if price manipulation Wong Kwong Yu, the United States using a national capital, the country's credibility will the United States plummeted, causing the country the United States decline, the U.S. supplier of money in the country could no more come back, there debts. Once the United States can not be payable from the country, suppliers of capital may not flow, there will be money chain crisis, or even close down. girard perregaux sea hawk ii pro online The country the United States, if the supplier adding insult to injury, both recovered money or defaults, are a fatal blow. If the supplier and recover the purchase price, the country can not be solved in a short time the United States, leading to financial crisis chain; if the supplier out of stock, Gome customers could not sell the same lead to a crisis. It is because of the country the United States associated with the supplier relationship, both countries are the United States or the supplier of crisis in the giuliano mazzuoli manometro fake watches States United States strive to maintain their relationship. Therefore, a stable supplier of the military, the country has repeatedly resorted to trump the United States. States United States began to put forward a good supplier payment policy, a number of core suppliers were ulysse nardin marine diver replica Gome "spot cash" preferential treatment. Supplier of course worried that the U.S. crisis and the country involved to themselves, but they will not have to panic a position to do "deserter." Most suppliers are even behind countries that the United States, continue to cooperate. For " Samsung E-headquarters instructed the branch to the States United States supply interruption, "the message, Samsung Electronics made a public statement to clarify: 1, Samsung Electronics has never been issued to Gome Limited disruption delivery instructions. 2, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd and Gome Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. are important strategic partner. In the future, we still expect to maintain the mutual cooperation and partnership. The same time, Haier, Galanz , SHARP , Philips, Sony and other home appliances giant hair also to the country to declare his support for the country the United States. Of the country support roger dubuis hommage replicas the United States not only in public support, but also in action. Gome set up in a single purchase of 22 anniversary of the conference, Haier, Galanz, Skyworth, Chang , Hisense, TCL, Konka, beauty, home appliance giants such as Sharp and national United States both have signed a large single purchase a substantial amount. Such as the Sharp and the National United States signed a value of up to 1 billion yuan LCD TV Supply contract with Gome Electrical Appliances Haier Group signed orders for up to 32 billion. States United States share a common lot with suppliers, the U.S. crisis in the country, suppliers will not sit back and relax, instead they will be most afraid of. Pay attention to the crisis public relations Resources and leveraging the power, the ripple effects of the crisis the country the United States, decided in the face of crisis, not a country the United States, "a man rolex milgauss online of war", suppliers will not stand idly by. States United States together with the success of suppliers through the crisis, we wait and see. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Touch Screen Tablet Notebook Manufacturer , LCD Broadcast Monitor for oversee buyer. To know more, replica panerai luminor submersible please visits Touch Screen Tablet Notebook.