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Antimony is a soft metal (2 on mohs scale). A coin made of antimony issued in the Guizhou Province of China in 1931 was unpopular because they would wear out fast. After the first issue no others were produced. It is resistant to attack by acids.Four allotropes of antimony are breitling on sale known: a stable metallic form, and three meta-stable forms which are: explosive, black and yellow. Metallic antimony is a brittle, silver-white shiny metal. When molten antimony is slowly cooled, metallic antimony crystallizes in an hexagonal cell, isomorphic with that of the black allotrope of arsenic. A rare explosive form of antimony can be formed from the electrolysis of antimony(III) trichloride. When scratched with a sharp implement, an exothermic reaction occurs and white fumes given off as metallic antimony is formed; aggregate crushing plant for sale alternatively, when rubbed with a pestle in a mortar, a strong detonation occurs. Black antimony is formed when gaseous metallic antimony is rapidly cooled. It oxidizes in air and is sometimes spontaneously combustible. At 100 ��C, it gradually transforms into the stable form. knockoff armani Pure antimony was well known to Jabir ibn Hayyan, sometimes called "the Father of Chemistry", in the 8th century. Here there cheap daniel roth le sentier watches is still an open controversy: Marcellin Berthelot, who translated a number of books, stated stone aggregate that antimony is never mentioned in them, but other authorsclaim that Berthelot translated only some of the less important books, while the more interesting ones (some of which might describe antimony) are not yet translated, and their content is completely unknown. The use of Sb as the standard chemical symbol for antimony is due to the 18th century chemical pioneer, J?ns replica girard perregaux Jakob Berzelius, who used this abbreviation of the name stibium. The medieval Latin form, from which the modern languages and late Byzantine Greek, take their names, is antimonium. The origin of this is uncertain; all suggestions have some difficulty either of form or interpretation Top global miner BHP Billiton's chief executive sees iron ore prices staying strong for as long as two years, and is confident the company's profit margins will remain robust, even as costs escalate.Marius Kloppers was bullish on the near-term outlook for iron ore prices due to supply constraints, with India not exporting and rivals having held back investment in new capacity during the global financial crisis. His counterpart at rival Rio Tinto was more specific a week ago, forecasting that tight supplies would keep iron ore prices high in the near term, but prices would fall below $100 a metric ton from current record highs antimony smelting around $190 a metric ton when mine expansions are completed in 2014 and 2015.BHP announced this week it would spend $80 billion on mine developments and expansions over the next five years, and Kloppers said based on expected returns on those projects, it should be able to post compound growth of 5-6 percent a year for "many many years."For us it's a question of where cost structures go, but I feel buy franck muller chronobanker very comfortable that we're going to have healthy margins going forward," Kloppers said on Australian Broadcasting Corp's Inside Business show, aired on Sunday. After being forced to kill three mega-deals since 2008 due mainly to regulatory and political obstacles, Kloppers said the company would clearly run into problems if it chased an iron ore acquisition, like its abandoned bid for no.2 iron ore miner Rio Tinto.But he saw no such obstacles for deals in products where cheap blancpain BHP was less dominant, including potash, copper, and oil and gas, as industry experts have speculated."And obviously, the oil and gas market is a very large one where there may be opportunities going forward," he said.Speculation has focused antimony ore crushing plant on BHP chasing Anadarko Petroleum (APC - News) for its assets in the Gulf of Mexico.Kloppers deflected questions about diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, which showed he had offered to trade intelligence on China with Washington, as he was concerned about Chinese spying on BHP.