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Galanz Air China, Han Wei, general manager of marketing: "two energy efficiency, 5 prices, high air-conditioning will be universal, so that the average consumer 'is not only affordable, but also can afford, not only with the provinces, but also with the Province ', so that all consumers, whether urban or rural, can truly affordable Energy Air conditioning products. " ?? "Glanz nine series of two global availability of energy-efficient air conditioning" Comments: inspired by the national policy has been the main presumed speed energy-efficient air conditioning Glanz on May 25 9 series breath to re-introduce two new energy-efficiency energy-saving air-conditioning, and issued "destroy the tiger out of 345 electric Grade inefficient air-conditioning "initiative. Galanz unique support a "two", vows to energy-saving air-conditioning pioneer in the field, and " Price war "For in the end. Opening the beginning of year 2009 frozen, Galanz air conditioner that is energy efficiency launched an uprising of energy efficiency products directly to the two first 30% price reduction will be high efficiency = high prices" hidden rules "to overthrow. So that ordinary consumers are can be used on energy efficient air conditioning products, chronoswiss for sale is the constant pursuit of Galanz. Kearney Global Partners Zhang Tianbing: "This trend ('to manufacture of') will enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises." ?? "Value chain transfer Haier" to manufacture "of fake tag the road map looming" Comments: Haier Group consists of manufacturing enterprises Marketing Service-oriented business transformation led to a new strategy for the industry "to manufacture" of this hot topic. In the last two years, raw material prices, RMB appreciation And other factors, resulting in a substantial traditional exports shrinking corporate profits, replica cartier tank solo watches resulting also started on a larger scale, "to manufacture" of efforts. Many exporters after the collapse of low-cost advantage, began to research and development, channel and brand direction. "To manufacture" of will to promote the professional development of Chinese enterprises, competitive differentiation and accelerate the road. Appliances Experts Lu Renbo: "Do not rely on heavy technical and price panerai luminor 1950 gmt replica watches shopping may be able to temporarily gain market share and sales volume, but the air conditioning long-term development perspective, no less harm than good." ?? "High-speed and low-end set Inverter air conditioner Distance competition and war " Comments: the decline in prices of raw materials and inventory pressure, so early in the "51" this hot season air conditioning air conditioning before the price war has already started the prelude. Inverter air conditioner turns in the offensive pressure, the constant speed air conditioner face "internal and external", to some extent the interpretation of the price fake ulysse nardin gmt big date that the "killer" means fixed speed air conditioning last round. 4,5-level energy efficiency of fixed-speed air-conditioning has not been shaped in some publicity for the "electric tiger" and not recruit people to replica breguet marine watches be see, at least it has a conversion price of air conditioning in the unparalleled appeal. It is noteworthy that the price on the company brought in "cut" models are almost all low-level 4,5-efficiency products, compared to three fixed speed air conditioning rather than being "shelved" the mean, Shopping guide will not be strongly recommended, even with lower prices have not reached Duorenyanqiu level. Suning Zhang Jindong, chairman Electric: "extraordinary times, large companies can not just want to protect themselves, and more to bring the whole industry to move upwards, in the expansion of investment, job security, encouraging innovation, supporting SME development, promote product consumption structure upgrading, etc. play its due responsibility. " ?? "Zhang Jindong: the fifth anniversary of the opportunities listed Suning better more important mission," Comments: 2009, China's economic development is absolutely the most crucial year. Although many companies still tightening their belts, many people still fear of unemployment, but such a responsible corporate Suning give people more confidence. Suning Appliance Development Plan 2009 in respect of no less than 200 chain stores planning, a series of self-built shops, logistics and service network of large-scale development program, 3.6 million total annual recruitment and so on. While Suning is still protected funds, underwriting and other aspects of products to small and medium industries and enterprises in more support for the policy. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as PSP MP5 Player , China Small Digital Photo Frame, and more. For more , please visit Portable Ebook Reader today!