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Piles of discarded household electrical appliances placed in the corner of the factory, a huge forklift Lift In the fast-running, it is moving from computers and other appliances in the isolated Electronic Chassis . This is a recycling plant in Tokyo, Japan, the operating site, so the situation is a new concept in recent years: "Urban Mining" of the iceberg. "Urban mining", referring to the Waste Electrical and Electronic jaeger lecoultre reverso on sale products contain gold, platinum, etc. Precious Metals And palladium, indium, etc. Rare , And its total large are able to use "mine" to describe. If marion watch co a h wallis replica these metals for recycling, then the people living in the city reservoir of metal resources, as much as or even more than in nature to explore new resources. Not long ago, a Japanese National Institute for Materials published survey data showed that Japan's "urban mines", the various metal reserves in the world are considered high level. For example, electronic products, up 6.8 thousand tons of gold content, silver reached about 6 million tons, accounting for 16% of world reserves and 22%. This rare metal indium the "reserves" reached 1,700 tons, 61% of world reserves. According to statistics, the Japanese home appliance products, gold, silver, lead, indium content of some resources than even the great powers of the earth. In addition, in the world Consumption Capacity compared to lithium in the "urban mines" in the "reserves" of its more than 7 times, tudor mini sub for sale Battery Platinum electrode indispensable for 6 times. Japan in the lack of resources, mainly by overseas non-ferrous metal imports, and the implementation of large reserves. But how can the recycling of resources, so that dependence on foreign imports declined? Since 2001, Japan enacted and implemented " Home Appliances Recycling Law ", metal recycled been widely recognized and implemented. For example, gold because it has a stainless steel, does not crack, not subject to corrosion, electrical conductivity and strong, has become an indispensable electronic products Raw materials 1 metric ton of waste mobile phones? About 10,000 can be recovered using the gold content was 280 grams, this comparable to the high content of natural Gold, "Urban mining" value is evident. Japan's implementation of the "Household Appliances Recycling Law" provides that consumers must be discarded Air conditioning , Refrigerator , Television And Washing machine And other household appliances, by the vendors returned to the manufacturer for recycling. After the re-use programs like this: Sales to recall after a consumer Jiujia Dian returned and handed the recycling plant, recycling plant is responsible for the initial disintegration of home appliances, according to Plastic , Metal So the basic classification. Then the appliance manufacturer then the recovery for further use. Recovery of the costs borne by consumers. In Japan, now every scrap an old TV or washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, electrical appliances were all to pay 2700 yen? About 178 yuan, tag heuer watch replica 2,400 yen, 3,500 yen, 4,600 yen costs. Law Also provides that if consumers are not in accordance with the regulations will Jiujia Dian returned to the seller, etc. buried secretly to handle, once discovered, is punishable by heavy fines. Meanwhile, the collectors must be re-sent back to home appliances home appliance manufacturer. Not long ago, a Japanese home appliance vendors in the collection of consumer cost-recovery, no recycling of scrapped appliances will be returned to the manufacturer, and allowed to flow into the hands of operators of waste household appliances, the vendor survey by METI.

Through the "Household Appliances Recycling Law," Japan's consumer electronics companies have implemented the "Coexistence with the Environment" of the production policy. Appliance manufacturers have specialized environmental technology center responsible for the recycling of used appliances for recycling, with recycling technology, continuous improvement, product recycling rate is also rising, Japan is relying on "urban mines" has buy breitling become rare in the natural resources of the country. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as wifi capable phones fake breguet reine de naples watches , wifi enabled cell phone Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits wifi sip phone.