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Channel Recommended: 2008 Case inventory>> Abstract: In this paper, the use of groundwater resources in Tibet, water source heat pump for the heating device, terminal device of a reasonable analysis of selected issues, given the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to the initial investment and operating costs of the technical and economic analysis. Keywords: Radiator fan coil heat pump running costs of the economic analysis of the initial investment 0. Foreword Source heat pump for heating the working principle is: to extract energy from water in winter, which is using the Earth's surface shallow water such as groundwater, rivers and lakes in the absorption of solar energy and geothermal energy and the formation of low temperature geothermal energy resources, using heat pump principle, through the air and water as refrigerant sent to the building of elevated temperatures. As the coal shortage in Tibet less oil, is the lack of conventional energy, has plagued the economic development of Tibet, seriously restricting the power shortage in Lhasa and the surrounding areas of industrial and agricultural development. But there is Tibet's rich hydro, geothermal, solar and wind energy and other resources, its rich groundwater, rivers, etc. with the close relationship between surface runoff, surface runoff about 30% of the region by the groundwater recharge, so use paper water source heat pump water for the groundwater, and to recharge. General heating fan coil terminal units and radiator generally two forms, both paper will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of devices and two systems cheap girard perregaux ferrari for sale of economic analysis to arrive at a way which is more suitable for Tibet District heating needs. 1. End of the device type and characteristics 1.1 FCU 1.1.1 the advantages of fan coil fan coil air conditioning system layout flexibility as to save construction space and layout for different forms of architecture can be adapted. temperature control, fan coil scattered distribution toward the room is conducive to different local control, so that replica rolex air king the room temperature of fake rolex president day date ii watches different basic load balancing, air-conditioned room can be independently through wind, water (or water temperature) and regulation, changes in indoor temperature and humidity, no one may turn off when the room fan coil units without affecting the other room, save operating costs. FCU has some speed out of fake tag heuer aquaracer watch the wind, so indoor air flow distribution, flow faster, heat exchange full, you can make the room warm in a short time. 1.1.2 FCU shortcomings: fan coil return air filter outlet must be installed, replica bell ross power reserve or used in 2012 after the cooler on the dusty and affect the heat transfer cooler effect, and the filter should be cleaned regularly, or indoor air quality to decline. Tibet because of its unique geographical environment and the economy is relatively backward technology, and fan coil products will complement the after-sales maintenance and repair products bring greater difficulties. 1.2 Radiator 1.2.1 radiator advantages heating radiator, as the end device, its operating cost is low, because the fan coil when the fan is running consumes electricity to make the fans turn, but the radiator does not need to save a lot of running costs. radiator relatively low price comparison, and simple installation and easy maintenance. 1.2.2 radiator defects: convection radiator heating by radiation, indoor air distribution is not uniform, heat exchange is not very full, so the relative fan coil, its warm longer, if iwc der dopple replica watches the room is intermittent heating, because of its pre- hot a long time, it is generally for the day heating radiator, resulting in energy waste. As the water source heat pump to provide hot water, so water temperature is not too high, the radiator inlet and outlet water temperature can not take too much, this decline in heat transfer to the radiator. 2. Terminal Unit Selection 2.1 Selection of fan coil 2.1.1 Selection method Fan coil has two main performance indicators, namely, air flow and heat exchange capacity. Selection determined by the fan air flow; heat exchange capacity of the pipe and the heat transfer area, cold (hot) medium temperature and flow through the coil and the air temperature and flow rate and other factors. Manufacturers will be given on a general sample of low grades in high school fans in the standard conditions under the name of air volume and under the name of refrigeration, heating capacity. China's industry standard JB/T4283-91 "fan coil units," which stipulated: nominal air flow to be unreasonable in the coil water inlet static pressure were measured under zero. However, the conditions of use is clearly different from the fan coil test conditions: the actual situation is often the need to install fan coil inlet and outlet short tube, the return air filter grille be installed so that the practical application of the system increases wind resistance, resulting in nominal wind down, resulting in insufficient cooling and heating. Therefore, the actual air flow and fan coil cooling capacity is lower than the nominal value of the heat. The use of fan coil heat only, the general water temperature 50 ~ 60 , although the system is soft water, there is still a certain degree of fouling, dust effects, also need to amend the dirt. To ensure the actual air volume, fan coil units in use, you must have a certain static pressure outside the aircraft, to overcome the resistance of air-conditioning systems, and generally the machine outside the static pressure is greater than 20Pa. This amendment under the wind, dirt modified, and generally the overall correction factor of 1.3, obtained by the actual condition of the cooling coil (heat) capacity. When it is greater than equal to the cold calculation (heat) load, then meet the requirements; when its less than the calculated cold (hot) load coils need to continue to review the increase.

Provide third gear when the speed control switch or motor speed, some designers are rated according to mid-range speed fan coil cooling capacity to choose. This approach not only guarantee the unit up and running in a more quiet room, but when speed increases in unit volume. But should see little use as a large machine, not only to increase the system capacity, increased construction costs, but also long-term in the large flow chiller temperature of the bad state of small run, this will result in lower system efficiency, energy consumption increases large, so the speed profile parameters selected by fan coil is not a reasonable approach, as currently only an expedient measure. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve Manufacturer , China Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve, Flanged Butterfly Valve,and more.