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Reform and opening up, especially since China's accession to the WTO, Nantong seize power tool industry to speed up the process of opening up, opportunities for the rapid rise of the private economy, the rapid development of industrial clusters, market development achieved remarkable results in promoting sustainable and healthy local economy Development has become Nantong plate distinctive features, and competitive advantage of the strong mechanical and electrical industries. One, industry overview Power tool industry in China from 1942 production began to imitate, after half a century of elgin veritas on sale development, has formed joint-stock enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises as the mainstay, with some development and design ability, able to hand-held mass production can be shift, the battery-type three categories of more than 300 varieties, more than 500 specifications products industry. At present, China's export-oriented electrical tools, domestic supplemented to meet industrial, agricultural, construction decoration, garden, DIY and other areas with the needs of power tools in the world exports has exceeded that of Germany first. 2007 National Power Tools machine export 185 million units sold in 166 countries and regions, exports 2.9 billion. Nantong power tools industry started in the late 70s last century, mainly located in Qidong, MSC and other cities (counties), from scratch, from small to large course of development, has become a scientific research design, parts and machine production, product testing, industry management in one of the sunrise industries. In recent years, Nantong municipal government's decisions and plans, the city's advantage of the opportunity, strive to open up, foreign investment, the private economy fly with both wings to Tianfen Qidong City, Lusi town center of power tools and spare parts rapid concentration of production enterprise group, is developing rapidly into a national power tool "third world" a very important, is of Jiangsu Province, Nantong City, and as a focus on fostering the economic panel.

First Industrial Agglomeration advantages. Nantong Power Tools Industry in the initial phase, the domestic sales of other parts of the electric tools, production and maintenance of the use of rotor, stator, pistons and other parts, industrial replica girard perregaux lady f watch dispersion and low concentration. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the progressive realization of industrial power tools from the business-type operations to produce complex changes, from simple parts production to higher value-added machine production and the transition from family management model to the implementation of modern enterprise change management system, mainly from the domestic market to changes in international and domestic markets simultaneously. Currently, the city has girard perregaux vintage 1945 replica all kinds of power tools and parts manufacturers about 200, more than 400 individual businesses, electric tool industry employs about 5 million people, formed a joint-stock enterprises, private enterprises as the main cluster, which more than 20 million yuan in sales revenue to about 90, more than 20 more than 100 million yuan, annual production value of more than 80 billion industry, accounting for about 15% of output power tools. Production categories of power tools the city more complete, with small tools, the products include electric drills, grinders, electric hammer, electric planer, saw, sanding machine, trimming machine, angle grinder, replica cartier calibre de cartier watch cutting machine, machine 200 kinds of products, accessories of about 2,000. Today, Nantong, tools industry has become obvious advantages, features energy burst, an important industry for the development of a bright future. In 2006, Qidong City, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, was named "China Electric Tool Industry Base"; in April 2008 by the Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance approval, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, electric tools to become an export cheap jaeger lecoultre master eight days base. 2, leading business development and growth. After many years of hard work and market vertical mixing in the local party committee and government organizations to promote and policy support, Nantong, a group of growth, the backbone of electric tools business stand out. Jiangsu Dong Cheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guo Qiang Tools Co., Ltd., Nantong Jia Delong Electric Tools Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xin Hong Kong Enterprise Co., Ltd., Nantong Bullock Tools Co., Ltd., the city has become a leading power tool industry in recent years. In 2007, Jiangsu Dong into a company's sales revenue of over 500 million yuan, Jiangsu Guo Qiang, Jiangsu Xin Hong Kong companies export over 8 million U.S. dollars, ranking the city the forefront. Enterprises with more than 60% of the city passed the ISO9000 series of quality management system certification and 3C compulsory product certification, 10% of companies adopted some or all of the CE, ROHS, GS, UL and other international certification, focusing on enterprise products export ratio of about 10 -30%. The city's nearly 300 registered trademarks in the power tool, Jiangsu famous brand 14, 11 brand-name products in Jiangsu buy iwc big pilot Province. I am an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as China dual sim windows mobile phone , cheapest dual sim mobile Manufacturer, dual sim watch phone,and more.