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Thought and exploration A domestic newspaper group to explore
The face of cost pressures brought about newsprint prices, provincial newspapers have to cut expenditure, by strengthening internal Management And layout control, reduce costs and increase efficiency; by looking for a more scientific and reasonable marketing strategy, seeking effective distribution; through multiple operators, non-newspaper business, find and cultivate new economic growth point.

Hubei Daily Newspaper Group, is not optimistic in the operating environment, deepen the reform press. On their "Chutian Metropolis" and "Chutian" to exercise control version control color, cut version by color, efforts to reduce operating costs of major newspapers.

Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group, "Huaxi Dushi Bao" in price from 0.5 yuan / copy up to 1 per / cent. In addition, through consultations and negotiations with the mills, paper prices for the best and appropriate increase in newsprint stocks.

Chongqing Daily News Group Newspapers pay more attention to the quality of content, newspapers do not add more pages, while control of circulation. Printing as much as possible fake armand nicolet watches Purchase Yibin Paper relatively low price, but the print quality significantly.

Yunnan Daily Press Group, the main response is to reduce the "Spring City Evening News" edition, with an average reduction of 4-8 day version. It is estimated that more than 30 million circulation of the "Spring City Evening News" after the cut version to save more than 200 tons of paper per month.

Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group taking into account the stock, market, transport and so on because, to increase the purchase of paper from Guangxi, emergency measures and careful control of the Group increased its version, and the series of newspaper circulation.

Hangzhou Daily Group adopted a more specific coping strategies: First, the content industry, structural adjustment and upgrading, maintaining, "Hangzhou Daily" and "City Express" lead, withstood the pressure of cost, stability, number of pages and print quality; second, increasing investment in the Internet, in a unified technology platform for each newspaper site to establish their own brands and to achieve rolling news broadcast.

Nanjing "Yangzi Evening News" "Modern Express," "Jinling Evening News" and many other newspapers, because of the rise in paper prices to increase the price in a timely manner; Shanghai four major Metro "Oriental Morning Post", "Xinmin Evening News" "Morning News "" Evening News "during the Olympics," the same city collective price increase ";" Nanfang Dushi Bao "," Guangzhou rolex replica cheap Daily "is used to upgrade the newspaper prices and content services (by Zhang, expansion, and change color) parallel approach to enhance the new competitive situation.

2, for related coping strategies increase in inventory Newsprint price change rule: up for a long time will fall, or after a long replica ebel mini classic for sale rise. Strong sense of a small number of newspaper groups operating in the downturn to buy lots of paper prices, and general newspaper newsprint stock is limited, generally not more than three months stock. In the current tight situation, not credit, a lot of stock to pay large amounts of cash. Medium-sized newspaper is about 30,000 tons imitation cartier watches a year of newsprint required, needs nearly 200 million yuan in cash, generally difficult to calmly deal with the newspaper. In addition, a large number of store paper will destroy the normal market order, and in turn boost up the price of paper.

Therefore, the current increase in stock units only as a newspaper expedient response to short-term liquidity. The long term and have to depend on income and reduce expenditure.

newspaper price hike Newspaper price increases not only revenue but also to promote "effective distribution", but there are also risks losing market share. In the current market environment, the newspaper price increases must be based on the following two points: First, to establish competitive advantage in the market in which there is sufficient basis to grasp; Second, in the same regional market prices more than the common paper. It should be noted that newspaper cheap american watch co watches circulation revenue accounts for only part of operating income, the price of newspapers to make up for newsprint price increase on the loss of fine-tuning like drop in the bucket. Should the decision-making properly, due to the loss of share price increases, may also backfire.

Newspapers thin "Thick fake rolex cellini watches Times reported," the press profit model upside down to serious cost based access to a larger issue through the loss of circulation to attract more advertising. Recently, as paper prices continued to surge, driven by profit, "cover their selling newspaper waste" phenomenon becoming increasingly prevalent. In this case, reduce the newspapers, because newsprint prices will greatly ease the cost pressures caused.

Diversity in the dissemination of information today, faced with the grim reality of newsprint prices, the newspaper of "downsizing" Newspapers seem to be an important option, but a substantial cut version, by color, reduction, will also lead the reader some loss of influence newspaper "second sales." I am a professional writer from China Home Appliances, which contains a great deal of information about commercial pressure cooker , commercial pressure cookers, welcome to visit!