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????In the packaging industry, flexible packaging with brilliant colors, rich functionality, various forms of expression, as shelves selling one of the most important form of packaging. The progress of the domestic flexible packaging industry, contribute significantly to food, daily chemical and other panerai black seal for sale industries, the development of these industries in turn, further stimulate market demand for flexible packaging, so that flexible packaging industry is a huge market momentum. With the functional development of flexible packaging materials and processing technology continues to improve in many areas of flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role.

????Flexible packaging industry, equipment and technical level of
In recent years, as technology advances and market development, product quality and customer service continually increasing cheap oris watches demands from increasing competition among enterprises, coupled with the political, economic and social environment of the great changes, making the domestic flexible packaging industry has gradually become perfectly competitive industries. The profitability of space for the entire industry getting smaller and smaller, loss-making enterprises continue to increase, one after another down the once-great companies to compete in the brutal way - low-profit era is an irreversible trend came to our side.

????The modern replica patek philippe dual time watches sense of the domestic flexible packaging industry for over 20 years history of the development. More than 20 years, the domestic flexible packaging gerald genta retro classic for sale industry, from small to large, rapid development has now reached a relatively mature stage, showing a significant group, large-scale trend. A world-class printing companies are in absolute control, the new wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions China's dominant enterprises, etc., to accelerate its development in China. China Flexible Packaging Printing companies aware of the crisis and enormous opportunities, but also use a variety of ways to expand the industrial scale, to the industry, marginalized sectors.

????Mainland China imported about 400 gravure printing flexible packaging production line, China-made high-speed gravure printing flexible packaging production line width of nearly a thousand of these production lines manufacturing levels close to or reached the level of developed countries; the narrow range of low-grade flexible packaging production line gravure not count its number. In addition, in recent years after China's Flexible Printed workers, continuous efforts, coupled with the world's most advanced laser technology and high-quality direct-plate printing ink, flexo and other supplies, flexible printed flexible packaging product quality and increasing, more and more widely applied .

????As the level of equipment and raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the continuous improvement of production, operation, management experience, increasingly rich, flexible packaging industry, the technological level of China's rapid progress, product quality has been greatly enhanced. Far as print quality is concerned, the level of our flexible packaging printing industry can be said to achieve a very high level, print quality than in developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States similar products much higher.

????Mainland China's current level of development of flexible packaging industry as a whole is higher than Russia and other Eastern European countries, also higher than among Japan, South Korea than other Asian countries, with South Korea and Taiwan Province of China flexible packaging industry, the level of development was essentially flat. Flexible packaging industry, with major gaps in developed countries, reflected in the product standards and a number of high-grade packaging materials, especially in the special, special-purpose functional packaging materials development and production applications.

????Flexible packaging equipment manufacturing
Composite flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry in China Gravure only 10 years of history, on the basis of the introduction of equipment, through digestion and absorption, imitation and self-development in recent years, great progress has been made. At present, China has been able to produce print speeds of 300 m / min, width 1000mm or more in the gravure printing machine, dry laminating machine, extrusion laminating machine, cutting machine and the speed bag 100 segment / minutes of various full - Automatic Bag-Making Machine.

??? In recent years, with the development of the industry growth in the domestic flexible packaging tends to flat, the domestic flexible packaging machinery market tends to be flat. And overseas in many parts of the flexible packaging industry is growing, many flexible packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises will be sights on overseas markets.

????With the excellent cost-effective Chinese equipment in the international market, especially in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Northeast Asia, with a very strong market competitiveness. In addition, the plate-making businesses, film producers, ink and adhesive manufacturers also put efforts into overseas markets.

????Flexible thin-film substrate
In recent years, our country's flexible packaging film substrates has been the rapid development of industry, domestic BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP such as flexible packaging film substrates can not only meet the needs of the domestic market but also exported to foreign markets.

????BOPP is the flexible packaging area of the greatest amount of materials, with light, transparent, non-toxic, moisture, low permeability, high mechanical strength advantages of widely used in food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and other fields. A few years ago production of BOPP films have a higher profit, spurred the rapid development of BOPP film industry, leading to serious excess capacity in some areas; BOPET film has formed good, excellent sealing, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, transparency and gloss good, etc., in the packaging City Rapid increase in the amount of pitch; BOPA swiss replica tag heuer film with its soft, anti-puncture and other special properties, is widely used in high-temperature cooking of food, boiled food, vacuum food packaging, and the productive capacity of the domestic BOPA film is steadily improving.

????Now, some of the leading flexible packaging technology, the more color printing plant for thin-film substrate composite performance of the printing performance and have made new demands, such as shallow network printing performance, transparency, composite strength. Customer requirements BOPP sealing film is very different, because the domestic packaging machinery both old and new types of many skill levels vary widely, there is no any kind of BOPP sealing film can be on all packaging machines running smoothly.

With the development of the industry BOPP film, BOPP film has also been given a number of new features, resulting in a number of new market segments, such as the ultra-thin BOPP film, high transparent BOPP film, high-performance printing BOPP film, anti-ultraviolet BOPP film, environmental protection and degradable BOPP film, BOPP film anti-fog technology, BOPP Color Film, BOPP standard foil, BOPP cigarette printable shrink film, metallocene catalyst system BOPP film, high barrier BOPP film, BOPP synthetic paper, BOPP film kink. best copy program These are the BOPP film production enterprises to adopt differentiation strategy provides a good foundation.

????In addition, the film substrate manufacturers there is a clear scale and a group trends, price competition gradually become more rational. I am a professional writer from China Textile and Leather, which contains a great deal of information about timber door frame , framed oval mirrors, welcome to visit!