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Is a new drug inclusion materials, a ring of hollow cylinder type, ring outside the hydrophilic, hydrophobic ring the special structures and properties. Because of its unique structure and properties of space, with many substances, especially fat-soluble substances in the formation of inclusion complexes, widely used in Medicine Industry and food industry, this paper for the -CD in Traditional Chinese medicine The application is reviewed. 1 based Technology Inclusion compound present there are four methods, namely, saturated aqueous solution method, Grind Method, liquid - liquid method and gas - liquid method. 1.1 saturated aqueous solution be saturated -CD solution with a certain proportion of volatile oil, to a certain temperature and certain time of agitation or oscillation, the cold, Filter Dry from the -CD inclusion. Saturated aqueous solution in the inclusion process, the impact of inclusion rate, oil content of many factors. A feed ratio of oil: -CD (ml: g), inclusion of temperature, inclusion of time, agitation and other factors. Generally believed that the feed ratio and temperature of the most important inclusion, multi-feed ratio range of 1:3 to 1:10 in the (oil: -CD) in the proportion due to the inclusion of the volatile oil type to another. Valerian oil -CD inclusion complex of the oil: -CD replica jaeger lecoultre master watches = 1:3 inclusion best, the room temperature. Inclusion Agastache rugosa oil, the oil-: -CD = 1:4, temperature 80 , the best. Mountain red? -CD inclusion rate of the oil: -CD = 1:6, the highest room temperature. The volatile oil of inclusion complex of the oil: -CD = 1:8, the best temperature is 40 . The inclusion rate of garlic oil to the oil: -CD = 1:12, temperature 20 best, and that the saturated solution pH value also affects the inclusion rate to the optimum pH = 5. In addition, inclusion in the preparation of saturated aqueous solution, it can add the appropriate accessories to change the dry conditions, the oil thus obtained solid Powder Enable the oil to retain the general rate (60 ~ 70)% to 87.5%, the best accessories to starch. In short, saturated aqueous -CD inclusion complex prepared when a certain temperature, a certain mixing time, drug inclusion rate with the feed ratio Higher And by not cutting off higher, but the amount of -CD too, preparation costs will also increase, even wasteful. Generally believed that the oil: -CD = 1:6 inclusion effect is quite satisfactory. Inclusion temperature from 20 ~ 80 range. Because -CD in water solubility with temperature increasing, and so increase the inclusion temperature can increase the inclusion rate. But the inclusion temperature increased, the rate will speed up the essential oil, loss increase, reducing the inclusion rate, also affected the oil retention. Generally 30 ~ 60 suitable. 1.2 grinding method is -CD and adding sufficient quantity of essential oil in the water, by the strong mixing, or grinding, so the two form a paste, dried income inclusion. As the abrasive method manual, time consuming, only suitable for small to conduct, not suitable for industrial mass production. Incidentally, colloid mill, colloid mill method using -CD inclusion complex prepared than the grinding method or the rapid mixing method is fast, simple and also more suitable for industrial production, and higher utilization of essential oil. Preparation of inclusion complex of oil affect the colloid mill utilization factors inclusion time, solvents containing alcohol content (%), oil: -CD ratio. Preparation of inclusion complexes, such as cinnamon oil, the three factors in the optimal conditions for 15min, 20% ethanol solvent, oil: -CD = 1:10. fake rolex datejust ii for sale 1.3 Liquid - liquid method and gas - liquid method is the essential oil or aromatic compounds containing steam or condensate directly through into the -CD solution, for inclusion, filtered, dried from the inclusion. This method avoids the first two methods must first separate the process of extracting essential oil, reduce losses and simplify the process. In particular the extraction of volatile oil and -CD inclusion process into a continuous whole, is both time efficient and more suited to the needs of actual production for the inclusion compound provides fake patek philippe skeleton watch a new way of thinking. The preparation of inclusion, the general use of water as solvent. But there are also adding a certain percentage of that water, alcohol can increase the inclusion rate, such as using 35% isopropyl alcohol and 40% ethanol. The other extracts are also used for direct inclusion, such as the use of consistent Huang Cold Granule extracts and -CD direct inclusion granules made of cooperation with both the play package, good taste, but also less sugary, but also for diet formulation research, developed a new process. 2 -CD inclusion complex -CD inclusion complex identification method of identifying many, there is Microscope Imaging, thin layer chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis, ZX-ray diffraction analysis, gas chromatography internal standard method, so as to use the imaging method and TLC method is more common. In the imaging method, the -CD inclusion complex and -CD blank volatile oil inclusion of glycerol were used to buffer solution (pH7.4) diluted eosin color, production, set under the microscope, the results blank plate structure for the rules of inclusion, but inclusion volatile oil from irregular powder, the characteristics of the peel, Essential Oil of -CD inclusion complex, and Chinese angelica root oil? -CD inclusion complex in both the identification able to confirm, is a simple and effective method. In the thin-layer chromatography in the mixed liquid volatile oil is ethanol, -CD and -CD inclusion complex made of saturated aqueous solution of separate samples in silica gel G plate, to ethyl replica hampden special railway watches alcohol: hexane: chloroform start = 1:9:5, 5% vanillin concentration Sulfuric acid Spray color, the result has not been started at the origin inclusion spots that form a stable complex of this feature in the peel, Essential Oil of inclusion and the tangerine peel oil were able to confirm inclusion complex. ? Other differential thermal analysis, ZX-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy, making use of the map, can be used to identify the new formation of inclusion complexes have also been identified for inclusion. 3 -CD inclusion compound present in the Chinese Traditional Medicine in Chinese -CD tablets, cheap waltham vanguard watches capsules, granules, pills, granules, Granules, aerosol, eye drops, ointment, Suppository Injection agent used in a variety of dosage forms, the main role in the following aspects.

3.1 increase in drug solubility using -CD special structure and properties, will not dissolve in water, inclusion of drug molecules, so that drug molecules with the dissolution of the -CD solution, to increase drug solubility. The role and nature of the drug, the solution temperature, pH, and solution in the increase of the number of additional agents. Such as water-soluble cellulose derivatives and other rheological agent and carboxylic acid ( Lemon Acid, malic acid or tartaric acid) was added, may enhance -CD solubilization of drugs. But only a few empirical knowledge, pending further study. Generally believed that the smaller the solubility of drug molecules, -CD inclusion complex solubilization is greater. Such as oleanolic acid -CD inclusion complex can increase 12 times its solubility, dissolution rate increases, the cumulative The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as High Power LED Floodlight , LED Down Light Fixtures Manufacturer, and knockoff iwc more. For more , please visit LED Down Light Fixtures today!