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Good nutrition is as important for your pet as it is for you, yet many pet owners have a somewhat hit and miss approach to feeling their pet. The truth is that, just like humans, pets have different needs depending on their age, size, breed and level of activity. "Oh, I hear you saying", humans don't eat according to ��breed!' fake cartier for sale Don't they? Just think about how a Northern European diet differs from a Japanese diet, even though the climate is not radically different. With humans, differences in culture and physical characteristics determine different eating habits. In the animal kingdom there are vast differences between different species. However, when we talk about domestic pets, the most common of which are, of course, cats and dogs, breed becomes one of the cheap ebel watches factors in determining the correct dietary requirements. What dogs need Age: As they get older, dogs expend less energy and need fewer kilojoules. breguet la tradition replicas What they need is a high protein, low fat diet that will maintain good body condition without putting on weight. Obesity can be a problem for ageing dogs, so don't overfeed. Generally, older dogs will need to be fed twice a day, but some might need roger dubuis watches for sale smaller, more frequent portions. They also need Vitamins C and E to help build their immune system. Size: Small dogs mature earlier but age more slowly than big dogs. They have smaller stomachs so can't digest as easily. They also have faster metabolisms and burn up kilojoules more quickly, concord c1 worldtimer online so they may need to be fed more often. Large dogs have slower metabolisms so need fewer calories, but they benefit from added calcium and phosphorus to strengthen their joint and support their large frame. Big dog formulas are chunkier and require more chewing which is designed to suit their slower rate of energy output. Breed and activity: Since size is determined by breed, the above feeding guidelines cover differences in breed. The level of activity is also linked to breed and size. Check out our guidelines for exercising your dog for the exercise needs of various breeds. All dogs need and love their walks. Walking your dog is good for you as well, so both benefit. Whatever you do, refrain from feeding your dog scraps from the table. It's a bad habit you can all get into. Stick to specially formulated dog food, no sweet bickies and the like. In addition, american watch co for sale remember to protect them (and your budget) against illness and accident by taking out pet insurance.
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