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I know that what I am talking about now is not the hottest topic, however I met a lot of business owners and professionals who may not see the importance of this, yet they continue to listen. Are you graham silverstone brawn gp fake watches noticing that people are not calling you like they once did, asking you to send a brochure or visiting your store to get familiar with your products? Do you know why this is happening? In my opinion, those days are gone! Shoppers and consumers are becoming wiser. They want to hear other people's experiences and opinions of your products before purchasing from you. They want to be sure you will be there cheap rolex daytona to answer any questions or concerns they may have about your product. They want to know you are worthy of their trust! Do you know how they will be able to get this information about you? In addition to "word of mouth", the first place they will look for your name and company's name will be online. bvlgari copies Now, here is my most important question for you��Do you have any clue on what they are going to find out? Did you participate in creating the image that they created about you? Or, did you just allow your competitors, angry customers, and bloggers take control of that image? Do you realize the huge amounts of revenue and numbers of sales you buy ulysse nardin sonata will be loosing each year by having a negative reputation online? Now, you might say "I can't control what other people say" piaget dancer online or "some customers are never happy, they are always complaining"��That may be true, you can't stop them from complaining, however you can respond to their complaints and try to solve their problems with your products or services. Show them that you are there to offer a solution to their problem. omega replika Maybe their complaints will help you offer better quality. You just need to listen and participate. Your online reputation is one of your biggest assets and you need to make sure to keep an eye on it. Regardless if you are a large or small, local or international business, it is critical that you know what others are saying about you. There are a huge number of FREE tools online that will help you monitor your online reputation. Today, I will list a few of them. 1) Google or Yahoo Alerts: They offer a free service that allows you to track mention of

Keywords (brand, website, company name, products, etc.) In blog, video, news, etc. They will email you these results as they happen daily or weekly depending on your preferences. 2) Social Mention: This is a great social media search and analysis platform that gives you poles on your brand, products, etc and who's talking about it and where? 3) Twitter search: Makes it easy to search twitter for any mention of key word or phrase 4) Is a website where you can search a topic, keyword about your company or competitors and find what is trending? It searches blog posts, twitter, you tube�� And combine them all in one page where you can personalize and come back to later.
Now that you have the tools you need to track conversations that are taking place about you or your brand, you should know that is very important to analyze, respond and maybe join these conversations in a meaningful way to improve your online reputation.
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