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Art Paper Categories: ? With Packaging Printing Industry, domestic market Specialty Paper The growing demand for specialty paper products should not be overlooked have become the owners, the variety grown in number, scope of application is also growing. To give readers some understanding of this species, the following highlight some of the specialty of the characteristics and the relationship between design and Printing. Papermaking Since the invention of paper as a kind of cultural properties of materials, its scope has been expanded, but also was given more meaning. On paper, the classification of variety, we have discussed here the replica roger dubuis excalibur art of paper (also known as fancy paper, specialty paper) mainly refers to the printing paper different from the ordinary, such as art paper, offset paper, Newsprint Culture, packaging paper. Such papers often require special paper processing equipment and technology, processing of finished products made of paper with rich color and unique texture. Fine art of paper can be applied to book replica cartier cougar for sale covers, catalogs, brochures, invitations, greeting cards, high-grade office paper, business cards, high-grade packing paper and so on. Now, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, people's zenith chronomaster t open for sale aesthetic demands are also rising, the paper shows through the image, communication Communicate Growing demand for interest, art paper industry also will have developed rapidly since the early 90s to China, the art of paper its unique charm to attract a large number of design, printing sector, the use of artistic paper has also been amazing growth in the number of arts paper sales staff is growing rapidly. Mao Association of Singapore Paper Company, for example, by the end of 1993 to China, so far in the country from the time a company has four wholly owned development, nearly 30 distributors and contact the institution of large arts paper sales company. Classification from different angles: 1. From the pulp to see. Requires high quality specialty paper pulp, mostly for pure wood pulp, a long Fiber More, some also contain extremely cotton. This constitutes a papermaking pulp, the strength, a toughness, stiffness and flexibility of paper is better, the color is bright. Plain paper pulp with a certain proportion of non-wood fibers, paper easy to turn yellow, general and subject to Coating Treatment. 2. From staining to see can be divided into pulp dyeing and dyeing: dye is in the paper pulp into pulp by adding dye to color evenly distributed in the paper fibers, the paper color saturation even in cross-section act in the same. After the stain is forming in the paper, the use of invasive way Pigment Dye in the paper surface, the color stability of the inferior pulp dyeing, with water prone to bleaching, dark-colored paper folded white edge prone to undermine the overall effect.

3. From the embossed way to see replica rolex submariner watches can be divided into pre-and post-embossing Embossing: Embossing is the former is not fully dehydrated in the pulp during a soft blankets, the paper fiber lines in accordance with the natural distribution of blankets, the formation of the special texture of paper. Embossed patterns before the transitional nature of paper handling, fine, do not hurt the paper fibers. After post-carved embossed steel is finished paper roll, produced by mechanical pressure on the paper pattern. After embossing the advantage of simple process and relatively low cost, convenience and easy. But this process on the paper fibers are injured, so the quality of base paper directly affects the quality of finished paper after embossing. Little change in the law breguet reine de naples replica watches after the embossed pattern to compare pre-embossed pattern slightly mechanical, dull. I am an expert from replica rolex president for sale , while we provides the quality product, such as China copper pcb board , making pcb boards , virtual circuit board,and more.