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December 18, 2009, Shanghai weather with one breath of winter warm sun. Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Star Industrial Park in Shanghai Nanhui Peach City Resort successfully held the "gap, space, and responsibility" as its theme the development of the Forum, to be the officers of China Printing Association, China Printing Industry Association, the printing industry, media , local government leaders and other relevant leaders, the Chinese Association for Printing Machinery Branch of Indian Industry director, North man Group chairman Panglian Dong Dong spoke at the meeting and congratulated. Indian Workers Association at the China printing machinery branch chairman Pang Liandong a keynote speech. First Panglian Dong behalf of the Chinese Association for Printing Machinery Branch of Indian workers on the "Forum" held in warm congratulations! He said: Shanghai Star Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1992, printing equipment and printing machines are in two areas of products are four series of nearly 60 varieties. 10 years, Nova has been more emphasis on product innovation, enterprises have developed rapidly, especially in Offset Blanket R & D and production company fully reflects the characteristics of stars, close to the user, independent innovation, continuous improvement, from the general blanket blanket to 3000, to present the 5000 high-speed air-cushion blanket, they move step by hamilton railway special on sale step, short time, achieved outstanding results. Panglian Dong summarize the experience of New Star, has four points: First, responsibility to meet the needs of users, followed by franck muller crazy hours replica the development of offset, painstaking research of new products, timely to provide users with a high level of matching blanket, this company also developed rapidly; Second, insist on technological innovation, in 2004 the company introduced the advanced blanket manufacturing technology, combined with production experience, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the 5000 high-speed air-cushion blanket, star company has made six patents, to consolidate and expand market share; third is focus on product level, the first to adopt international standards, imported high-precision testing equipment and perfect production line, ensure the quality of the product; Fourth, focus on basic research, bought their own multi-color offset press , for printability test, in order to improve the product to do qualitative analysis, this domestic production plants are rare, and worth learning. Because of high levels of product quality stable and reliable, Nova's market share of domestic counterparts at the forefront, and the products fake hamilton model have been exported to Russia, Poland, Spain, Mexico, India, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions, access to the "high-tech enterprises in Shanghai," "Shanghai keep all the same credit enterprises", "Shanghai Model Unit" awards. The face of global Financial Tsunami, the star is actively giuliano mazzuoli manometro replicas deal, voted in 2008 in Henan, built a new blanket production base, production capacity and Sell A substantial increase in revenue for the development of enterprises laid a foundation for. Afraid of the crisis, relying on new products, expanding production capacity, to seize the high-end market, showing that star's ability to make an example. China Printing Equipment Industries Association of Printing Equipment Branch of the Secretary-General Yuan Jianxiang said: Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Star persist for many years of technological innovation and hard work to develop and mass-market success of 5000 was marked by high-speed air-cushion blanket, Create National Brand in the road made brilliant achievements. This will become the printing blankets industry turning point product upgrades will be made into blankets to the starting point for high-end market.

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