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Not long ago, in a very strict security Algiers Airport, China CITIC - China Railway Construction in East China, chairman of the Commonwealth had an exempt treatment. Military and police to see his documents, and immediately call to supervisor. An officer came and learned that he was head of the Algerian East-West Highway when the Chinese side, beckoned command to stop screening. His enthusiasm for a chat with the East, China and a thumbs-up.

"East-West Highway has become a business card of the Chinese people." East a feeling.

Battle Algeria, "One Project"
Opportunity began in 2004. This year, the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika determined to start again, what highway construction projects.

A East-West Highway, "like an outstretched arm", the second largest country in Africa, eastern and western Algeria to pull together tightly. After 10 years of construction, length 1216 km of road was built more than 200 kilometers, the contractor is the world's leading engineering companies.

At this point, precisely because the Chinese Government to implement the "going out" strategy soon. Overseas project contracting markets already targeted the CITIC Group, a replica ebel sport classic mini for sale keen attention to the Algerian "at work."

Get information just one month, CITIC Building A on the delegation going to visit; Two months later, on the Argentine side offers a range of project proposals. These proposals, leadership and Afghanistan in the CITIC Group to contact senior officials in the hands of President Bouteflika sent.

In the subsequent tracking services, CITIC Building for the Arab side has done a lot replica watch panerai of technical support provided BOT, BT and financing + EPC and other menu-based mode of project implementation so that they choose. CITIC Group, China Development Bank, with large domestic banks to form a project team, went to Afghanistan to discuss

Cooperation Mode. "If you can not get this project, the initial investment of several million on the failed to be implemented." In East China, said.

Willingness to cooperate CITIC moved Alfonso, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation in early 2005, China officially submitted to the financing + EPC-based business model, "project proposal", everything seemed to went well.

However, international oil prices, the Albanian government to rely on
Oil Export to get a lot of cash, decided to completely pay for road construction by the state. So, they chose EPC general contracting methods, and in the international public

Tender . 64 top international engineering contractor with buy illinois bunn special hour seven of the Commonwealth tender, very competitive.
CITIC found that A Fanggong cloth tender program, which many thought even the details of the terms of reference are submitted CITIC building "project proposal" in the content.

They used just two months, will be translated in French tender, in turn translated into French, Chinese proposals, the preparation of a bid with international standards. Tender too thick, the page number and number of copies can not be calculated, using a scale, said a full 760 kg.

Chinese rigorous, practical and industrious style of Alfonso moved again. May 2006, Alfonso notice CITIC, CITIC - China Railway Construction consortium won the bid. August 24, the two sides signed construction contract. A East-West Highway to be built 927 km, CITIC - China Railway Construction of the Commonwealth to get the Chinese and Western Two Sections of 528 km, the project framework of the contract 6.25 billion U.S. dollars. This is by far China's largest amount of foreign contracted engineering project contracts.

First EPC project of international projects
EPC project is an international engineering contracting market high-end model is the design, construction and integration of "turnkey" project. However, in CITIC - China Railway Construction to get A highway project before the Commonwealth of Chinese companies to replica cartier tonneau implement large-scale EPC projects of international experience is almost zero.

2006 9 18, A East-West Highway started. But starting soon, China's design and construction units have trapped in a "confusion" among.

Shandong Road and Bridge Construction Group first to enter the scene. The first to go abroad, they "lofty" and continuing from the domestic "their plans." But six months later, they completed only 5 of the amount of soil engineering, equipment, a large number of idle workers depressed.

"Why? Delay in the construction drawings approved ah owners. Without drawing, how the construction? In addition, we have used in domestic road

Bulldozer May Alfonso never seen such a road, not to use. Third-party measurement for project and delayed the signing, both sides pulled to Chequ. "In the province of West Orange Department of Lot The second camp, Shandong Road and Bridge Corporation Paul Zhang Deputy General Manager with the stock of the prevailing feeling, said:" repair so many highways, roads here do not feel up. "

Europeans in North Africa known as the "back garden." Over the years, Algeria has been in use in Europe design standards and construction specifications. Implementation of the country and the region code, and this is an international engineering practice.

For the design, Alfonso owners always ask China to provide a theoretical basis for calculations. China's growing designer, most of the time, CITIC - China Railway Construction Design Department of the Commonwealth of more than 1,000 Chinese personnel, they "European standards" almost translated again.

In East China have been with the Department project manager, to A East-West Highway East tenders construction side learn from the Japanese company. "Japanese designers only 100 people, but he has a designer line of each node. Many of our equipment is 'Clap' features, while the Japanese side girard perregaux on sale is under construction initially designers topography, near and far come up with programs , then according to the program with equipment. do EPC project, we still extensive. "in East China, said.

Through unremitting efforts, the end of 2007, China has made some major property owners on the East-West Highway technical programs and the overall design change approval, project construction reached its climax stage. "A practice of East-West Highway, so we learned the experience of engaging in EPC projects. This is better out of Chinese enterprises in the future is critical to." In East China, said.

Known as the miracle of the "China Speed"
2009 replica hampden watch 3 months, A East-West Highway, the West China Lot site localities.
3 1 , W9 section of Lot 21 kilometers open to traffic and opened to achieve the main line traffic. Early in March, M4 line of Lot 33 kilometers open to traffic conditions have completed. March 15, W1 to achieve the main line section of Lot 32 kilometers through. In late March, M5 tenders through the "battle" to achieve Completed.

Seeing highway, "a kind of a day", the Algerian Minister of Public Works, Mr. Kule delighted. He later visited the two sections of the Chinese entourage, said: "You did great, I would like to invite you to dinner!"

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