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This is the history of the construction industry A resonant "Assembly"?? Summer, Shenyang, much strong wind electric project has been started, great Elevator Completed by the end of the main industrial parks; 31 reloading, North Traffic Heavy Industry successive start of construction of industrial projects; invest 200 million euros in Germany, ThyssenKrupp Elevator and other projects will be after another ... ... As a world-class construction projects begin, first in China a modern, eco-industrial park of modern architecture in the early expose of West Zone "hijab." In the decision-making municipal government, the "Journal of Industry" concept is emerging, modern building industry is a connection Shenyang equipment manufacturing and modern service industry ties, as equipment manufacturing industry in Shenyang propeller upgrade , and then will be the beautiful new business cards in Shenyang. 'm First?? Building construction industry capital This may be the world's construction industry in the history of a global mobilization: in Shenyang City of West District and other government departments at all levels of the full investment, Japan's Kansai Paint Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and other world-class construction of industrial enterprises, are from the Kansai region of Japan, Kyoto, Ota City, China Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other building industry developed areas, to Shenyang West Industrial Park, transfer of modern architecture. "Shenyang is the first to propose building construction industry cluster city, not like other cities in the world of industrial clusters." June 27, Shenyang West Industrial Park of modern architecture project manager, said Wang Meng. Unimportance. State Department Financial Pakistani Song, deputy director of the Department of the Institute, said the dawn of the financial crisis, which fake cartier tank solo city can gain an advantage in the new round of development, can change in the position of China's regional competition. A survey shows that the world has 20 trillion construction replica watches graham industry a huge market, even if we gain 0.5%, can also create a 760 billion yuan of output value. "Our corporate vision is to Shenyang to develop a modern building industry channels to the world." Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group vice-chairman ofthe Hill said the construction market at home and abroad is enormous, so great for the annual production value growth of the Group more than 180 billion yuan of modern architecture group, and enter the United States, Japan and other high-end market. Just great, Sany Heavy, North universal geneve replica Traffic Heavy Industry, and other enterprises, are handled the more than 130 countries around the world and regions Sell Network. Around these key enterprises upstream and downstream industry chain, the Shenyang will achieve the second, third or even more times in the industry, fission, and then completed Shenyang "capital of the world's building industry," the grand idea. Stop?? Strive to achieve the year "10 +60" Early as 2006, the Ministry made it clear that China's current construction phase of highway construction in the fast phase to the conservation and management transition. In recent years, the state investment in roads has been very big and has just completed replica zenith chronomaster t open watch and the road to be built, after use over time, it will enter a "conservation era." Can be expected, in the present and for a long period of time, road maintenance machinery demand will take on a more stable growth.

In addition, with the Car Holdings rising, posing increasing pressure on urban transport in China, except Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, some medium and small cities have shown a significant peak commuter traffic. Combined with limited existing city road space, is difficult to expand two-way four-lane, two-way two-lane road that is still the city to occupy a larger share of the transport network. How to replica b r m bernard richards watches achieve efficient operation of road, a road maintenance machinery development of the important issues. Efficient use of urban roads and complicated machines made for the conservation requirement that small, fast, Environmental protection Conservation construction replica ball hamilton watches is general consensus within the industry, road maintenance machinery industry is the universal demand. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Portable Gps Navigation Systems Manufacturer , Eink Ebook Reader Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit Touch Screen Tablet Notebook today!