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HC plastic mesh News: from the downstream products of dimethyl carbonate with impact polycarbonate sun panel, insulation, omega replica eta sound insulation, light transmission, UV protection, flame retardant, it is widely used in public, civil lighting, shelter from the rain roofing materials, and has broad market prospects. Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) 1992 in Europe is defined as the green chemical. In 1996 China completed the first set of annual output of 300 tons of dimethyl carbonate device. With the green in this century Economy Upsurge in recent years, dimethyl carbonate production in China doubled in successive years: in 2006 total production capacity of dimethyl carbonate by about 6 million tons, annual vacheron constantin overseas replicas production capacity of 2007 soared to 12 million tons of annual capacity in 2008 exceeded 240,000 tons. Such rapid expansion, precisely because the industry optimistic dimethyl huge market potential. But the reality is that the potential market is not scheduled into a real market demand. Are now?? Most of the enterprises upside down half the production cost cut-off

Is the so-called hero. This century, with the domestic concerns Environmental protection And the achievement of increasing demands for cleaner production, dimethyl carbonate as a green chemicals show great market potential. This greatly contributed to the industry to tap into the enthusiasm of dimethyl carbonate. Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tangshan good reputation good yield strength, general manager, said, following the Hebei New Chaoyang 2002 Chemical industry Co., Ltd. 5,000 tons / year, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group 4,000 tons / year, Anhui Tongling Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Jintai 6000 tons / year dimethyl device constructed or modified after production, since 2003, Shandong Shida Sheng Hua Chemical Co., Ltd., Dongying City, a new source of Hartcourt Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Tongling Jintai Chemical Corporation, China Oil Jinxi Refinery and other enterprises in Tangshan Chaoyang Chemical Group has built fake illinois bunn special watch or extended to 10,000 t / a dimethyl carbonate plant put into operation successively. DMC 2006 industry-wide production capacity of about 60,000 tons, annual output can reach 120,000 tons in 2007, while the 2008 industry-wide production capacity has reached 240,000 tons. China became the world's largest producer of DMC, not only to the original occupation of the market by multinational companies rush back, and products are exported overseas. Of which the most rapid expansion in Shandong, forming a "world rolex replica watches view dimethyl China, Shandong dimethyl see" situation. 2008 of the booming development of the industry, but Financial Crisis, dimethyl carbonate industry overcapacity stage more and more prominent. Depp Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Lu Wei, chairman breguet type xxi fake watches of an interview, said: "Now China DMC industry surplus production capacity has been periodically, the whole industry at a loss. Now only a handful of companies to maintain full production, the majority of Enterprise underemployment, have all dropped. because the raw material propylene oxide at current prices 13,000 yuan / tonne basis, the product should be maintained dimethyl price 7,000 yuan / ton, propylene glycol should be maintained 10,000 yuan / ton, the industry there will be a reasonable level of profitability, is relatively healthy. But now the market price of DMC about 6,000 yuan / ton, propylene glycol price of more than 8000 yuan / ton, resulting in a large area of production costs the industry upside down. " ?????Qu Qiang good also told reporters: "At present most of the DMC car manufacturer in continuous or semi-parking condition, with very few companies can earn a very low cost point, most companies have lost windy, industry pressure loss very large, the industry faced a new crisis. " rolex gmt master ii replica watches Hartcourt new source of Dongying City Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhang Yunfeng, director of R & D interview, said: "Our company dimethyl unit started construction in 2003, put into operation in 2004, profits in 2005. In 2006, 2007, 2008 The efficiency of the unit in very considerable. then the whole industry to maintain production facilities are running at full capacity. But the financial crisis, the device efficiency nosedive. Now the production of dimethyl carbonate basic profit, just to maintain the integrity of some old customers to maintain supply, we part of the drive. " The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Touch Screen Laptop Manufacturer , 3G Cell Phone Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit Economical Mobile Phone today!