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America's most immaculate motor company Dodge has a dear place in our hearts. The company has proven to stay on the path of consistency and improved efficiency especially in their expertise of producing great mini trucks, light weight trucks, sports vehicles and other impressive automobiles for years. Unlike other companies the key things which had figured out are the strength and durability factors the company provided in their productions.
However basic need of enhanced quality of saving fuel is although as important as anything else and dodge as a company never compromised that aspect too. The 60's 70's 80's ,were era's so special when the 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 sedan , Coronet R/T and Super Bee received an over whelming consumer response and preferred as a status enrichment brand to own which over came the oil crises during that time.
Therefore it can directly be considered as a company which had kept the impression of a firm with long classic legacy that's undoubtedly been interesting as a rising automobile brand despite the dodge brothers passed away while their strategies and business ideas were remarkable during the initial market launching of models in the 1920's. After taking over the charge by Frederick Haynes as a mission to take the company to a successful platform in motor arena, it did suffered up's and down's as many company had been through.
But never the less, the achievements of Dodge did came to their door steps when Dillon, Read & Co. offered non-voting stock on the market in the new Dodge Brothers, Inc., firm, and along with the sale of bonds which raised to $160 million, reaping a $14 million (net) profit. Later fresh developments including product research and demands and complete market research made it very easy to move ahead and various models of car's and other light transportation vehicles were produced.
Now, if we talk about the current day scenario the value and importance of this brand is as high as Nissan or Volkswagen or the Honda's. Being an American brand the company has the reach to such customers who prefer 21st century models and owning a brand like dodge will never let them compromise in buying Dodge Avernger parts of genuine quality.
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