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Faster! Higher! Stronger! Olympic Spirit and "stubborn struggle" spirit of enterprise in Xiamen Suning Suning who got the perfect combination and interpretation, the strength winning, sweat cast, deserved. It is reported that Suning Tongan Road, shops will be held in the December 23 grand opening, Suning Ming Commercial Square flagship store also will soon dress set sail, eye, 2007, Suning fighting move to the double-round navigation home appliance market in Xiamen, winning in 45% of market share.

Faster, store opening Tongan super shock
Tongan Suning stores in the mountain will be a grand opening on Dec. 23, when, Suning will be to show consumers its vigorous strength. replica chronoswiss timemaster Promotional resources to cover millions of Tongan, never let, Gifts for the influx of millions of Silver City. The hundreds of well-known brands at home and abroad, to prepare for the opening of a large volume of gifts, special machines accounting for 65%, including 5,000 ex-gratia color TV, refrigerator 2,000 ex-gratia, ex-gratia washing 2,000, 3,000 sets of preferential electrical ... ...

Tongan Road, opened in the period, Suning will provide consumers with real Tongan super strength benefits. Overall a folded small appliances, brand rice cooker, induction cooker will be a rush to buy hot brand; TV maximum decrease of 30%, brand 21-inch color TV below 300 yuan, the brand 26-inch LCD below 3,000 yuan, below the high-end color TV bottom line price, close to the Tongan people can buy, at the gates to achieve integration with the international quality; ice maximum decrease of 50% of the wash, 6 kilograms washing machine brand below 300 yuan; need to buy a cell phone as soon as people start with, brand or color cell phone breaking 200, brand camera phone below 300 yuan; brand 1P air below 800 yuan, 1,000 yuan brand 1.5P air below ... ... Suning Appliance strong presence in the mountain, Tongan, 100 big brand enthusiastic to help out, Tongan, "2006" appliances shock promotion storm on the weekend?

Suning have detonated the market opening time, opening the Tongan, Suning first to get benefits, call 5506622 appointment, on December 23 to Suning Zhongshan Road, Tongan-price shops to buy color TV, air-conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, smoke machine, cooker, disinfection cabinet, big sound any two, over 5,000 yuan would send 21-inch color TV, over 10 thousand yuan send 29-inch color TV, sent over 15,000 yuan of 15-inch LCD, over 20,000 sent to 20-inch LCD, over 30,000 yuan sent to 26-inch LCD. Suning supermarket will also join forces with the good things up a large-scale interactive marketing, home appliances supermarket ever let, December 23 Suning on cheap ulysse nardin dual time gmt to buy electrical appliances, surprise affordable than you think!

Higher, stronger, Ming-fat store grand opening soon
Flagship store Suning Ming made the introduction of new technologies of the future experience 3C + business philosophy, experiential, consultation, knowledge and marketing new business model is fully developed, will also be laid in one fell swoop in Xiamen Suning Appliance's leadership position in high-end market .

Mingfa flagship store Suning Appliance business area nearly ten thousand square meters, almost cover the vast majority of first-line appliance brands home and abroad, has entered the post-renovation, the top 20 global brands flagship store majestic fully shown, appliances warlords competing against drive. By then, Suning, paragraph 100 will be the first release, "2007" New appliances, 20,000 sets of ultra-low-density fabric for ex-gratia model town, "hi" super sales volume storm the city has made the people feel the unprecedented shock.

Suning Ming hair super store fake giuliano mazzuoli watch shopping district sits 400 thousand square meters, the pack with the world top 500 enterprises dance, shop and Lotus made clear by virtue of the unique hardware store conditions, coupled with Suning "Six Super" advantage, lead to Xiamen appliances "Double flagship" era, has become the heart of Xiamen appliance market. Suning large scale, super-brand lineup, the new business buy blancpain air command model super, super shake senior vice president and prices, super shopping, super new service model and other "super six" became insurmountable replica columbus watch co watch divide industry peers, to become a hurricane Suning end of the buy rolex submariner year in Xiamen Six household appliances market tool.

With fat stores opening tomorrow, Suning will be winning in 45% of the market, the leading home appliance brands towards the goal of Xiamen win in advance!

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