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Recently, former CCTV host, Peking University professor A Yi exposed material in the blog, amazing news that CCTV host Fang Jing, a spy, had presided over "Defense Watch," just to gain military intelligence, was arrested on May 12. Ah Yi published in the June 9 the blog writes: "Nowadays, King Sister too busy, small water has" high-end interview "to host, and that the solemn atmosphere of the party static sister, seeking to facilitate military information leaks, apply to the chair, "Defense Watch," the night was finally arrested on May 12. "this blog for many users shocked, guess why CCTV host overnight transformed into a spy. However, replica bvlgari watches we can not understand is that the origin of this information turned out to be B cheap cartier roadster to the personal blog. It stands to reason that such information should be provided by the government authority departments, or confirmed by the relevant departments. A B broke out in his blog Meng Liao, people can not understand: such a great thing, why not to disclose information relevant government departments, or not well kept confidential? The People's Network reports franck muller long island online more people to understand, so sensitive information, how personal blog from? Still can not understand. The news soon spread, and we soon found, on the "famous CCTV host Fang Jing, a spy was arrested in May," the press has been cleaned up. Major news website on the news are not open web fake cartier tonneau watches pages, only the Baidu search still exists. In the end the news is true or false? If the message is deleted, should be false news; but if it is fake news, at least for the first time CCTV should be out the rumor that he is the media, how to face such a big news story will sound? We also note that, following the news that the other one news "CCTV hostess Fang spy case of suspected false news", the same is issued the first authoritative news site. But soon, the news has also been deleted. Can imagine, not only we did not understand, even in charge of news which might have confused the Gaode. Then, the morning we still can not understand, the initiator A news blog on the B side of static on a spy claim exist or remains unchanged: "Water has" high-end interview "to host, and that the solemn atmosphere of the Fang sister, seeking to ease military intelligence leaks, apply to the chronoswiss lunar replica watches chair, "Defense Watch," was finally arrested on May zenith defy xtreme open for sale 12 night. " Even if we do not pay attention to this news is true, A and B will also te great daring: with PRC withdraw this draft are avoiding the media, how can such a large B to the courage? At least look at the convergence. Is this person can easily send a message issued by What? Some people say, Ah B may not know so few words have been crazy for the network it is even more people to understand, a journalist at a press center of the storm also turned a deaf ear? Morning, the line out side quiet voice, her own statement through the blog is still very good, but not because the body does not show up, and a statement on the rumors to be brought to justice. However, the B to the blog still exists, while the major media websites also forwarded Fang Jing, a spy, Fang Jing, the news was not a spy, it seems much of the media are numb, dull, and even did not know that news is true or false, but also paid as usual is not wrong.

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