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States United States The first high-end in Shenyang Brand Shop?? Eagle Electric Appliance January 14 opening. This is the richest man in China Huang Guangyu And his brother Huang Junqin working together, China Appliance Retail New . Eagle Electric Appliance effort to create the following 3 years old Huang Guangyu and his brother long Huang Junqin in Shenyang Investment Building "Gome Industrial Park", will be involved with OEM's way upstream electrical manufacturing industry chain. replica cartier pasha for sale Huang Junqin, the new chairman of Henderson Group, its Estate Business mainly in Beijing, Shenyang and Guangzhou. From 1987 to 1993, Gome Huang brothers by a common business. Since then, the brothers split, focus Gome Huang Guangyu, Huang Junqin Henderson is another innovation. Wong brothers from minutes to every 12 years together, the joint co-operation in Shenyang, GOME Electrical Appliances Industrial Park. Shenyang Eagle Electric Water Test Opened its first store in 1987 to more than 270 direct sales stores covering the country with 100 core cities, 18 years past, the country remains the United States speed up shop soon, development of better, but clearly the future of space has been very limited. "Eagle appliances retail establishment is a challenge in China. To do high-end market, is Huang Guangyu has already formed ideas." Eagle Electric Appliance Executive Vice President Hua Tian told reporters, "but until 2005 March, Huang Guangyu was vacated space to work to build Eagle Electric Appliance. " 2005 4 months, Eagle Electric Appliance Tongzhou District in Beijing registered. By design, Eagle Electric Appliance relatively stringent requirements on the property, which makes planning the layout of Huang Guangyu in China's rapidly slowed down. First Eagle did not plan to shop in Shenyang, but in the city found a very suitable property. Has been world-renowned Shopping Wanda property for domestic properties, just have a 20 thousand square meters of Marketplace Vacant. After careful study, found that Eagle Shenyang, Taiyuan Street in the commercial real estate, its location just in the city's commercial downtown district, it is consistent with the business orientation of Eagle. The fake breitling montbrillant datora watch two sides after repeated consultations, Wanda given favorable conditions for Eagle very satisfied. Thus, starting from October 2005, Peng Run in less than 3 months time, built on fake elgin father time customers an easy, pleasant shopping. "Gome Eagle standing on the shoulders of giants." Deputy manager of Shenyang Eagle Xuzhen Liang said, "the United States from the country to Eagle, is from selling appliances to sell services." In Haier Senior Electrical Marketing Staff Peihao Ran's eyes, Huang Guangyu of GOME to Eagle from the process is reflected in the high-end customers more for, is the competitive strategy of brand differentiation. Although both sides will be in competition, but both services have different customer groups, it will result in the expansion of the "U.S. Department of State," the market share. Hua Tian said the Eagle to open 10 stores this year, the knockoff armani watch plan in June before the Tianjin branch opened in August in Beijing before the present " IKEA Shop "is opening a store location." Eagle Electric properties will be restricted, so the speed can not shop in the country that year compared to the national U.S. rate of expansion. "Xu Zhenliang said. However, Eagle's goal is still amazing, they have to in the next three years, a class in the country to open 60 stores the core cities. Eagle and the National Beauty "double hooks" "Eagle and the country did not fight the United States Price war We will use both together to form a strong purchasing power, to reduce electric purchasing costs and ensure the competitiveness of retail prices. "Hua Tian and the National Eagle thus described the relationship between the United States," After all, the United States and the National Eagle is a sister company, together with the two sides must retreat. Business is to market share, with two fists to attack will certainly get different results. "In fact," the United States stood shoulder country, "the Eagle, really and obviously different. And the National United States compared to Eagle supermarkets out of the shadow of electrical products, as much as possible to provide customers with a "home" shopping concept, to meet the "one-stop shopping" wish, "a family of three come the father can choose electrical appliances, the mother ebel fake watches can visit Cupboard buy swiss rolex watches The children can go to Tee off toys area. I am an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as solar mobile phone charger Manufacturer , emergency solar charger Manufacturer, solar power toys,and more.