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2009 fourth quarter Home Appliances Survey said their overall performance perfect, the outbreak of the domestic retail market growth, corporate profits increased sharply, mainly exports rebound. At this point, along with macroeconomic achieve "V"-type inversion, completed by the home appliance industry " Winter "To" warm spring "of the transition. According to National Bureau of Statistics, the PRC, and industrial-line home appliances industry in China (the PRC,) entrepreneur gerald genta solo bi retro fake watches confidence index of the franck muller crazy hours replicas 120-member Panel survey, the fourth quarter of 2009, household electrical appliance enterprises annual climate index reached the highest development of home appliance industry continued to improve. Economy and ever-increasing 2009 1 4-quarter household appliances were 97.3,108.1,126.9,132.4 climate index, in addition to the first quarter of climate index lower than the baseline (100), the second, third and fourth quarter, compared to the previous sentiment index in the first quarter increased 10.8,18.8,5.5. 2009 fourth quarter appliance industry continues to boom at a higher degree of "yellow light zone." From the industrial chain, the upstream business climate index decreased slightly, but still in the "yellow zone"; machine production to further improve business climate index, which TV Production enterprises, White Manufacturers on behalf of the economy into a high degree of "red light district"; retail enterprises to enter the "red-light district", which enhance the regional business climate index larger chain. (Note: The climate index fell interval [0,200], the order of 100 as the base value; greater than 100, said running in good condition, the greater the operating conditions better than the 100; less than 100 operating conditions, said lower than 100 The smaller the operating conditions worse. sentiment index signal diagram, that the economy very low blue light, light blue, light, said the economy imitation swiss rolex is low, said the boom of the normal green light, yellow light indicated that a high degree of economy, said the boom of the red light is high.) Appliances entrepreneurs to the second quarter of 2009, the first quarter of 2010, the confidence index was 122.1,117.0,128.7,122.2 are more confident in behalf of the "yellow light zone." And the fourth quarter of 2009 compared with confidence, entrepreneurs confidence in the first quarter of 2010 fell 6.5, in which the upstream business confidence index increased by 13.5, from the "green zone" to "yellow light zone"; machine manufacturer confidence index fell 11.1, to maintain in the "yellow zone"; retail business confidence index fell 18.1, from "red-light district" down "yellow light zone." Upstream firm Confidence in the first quarter of 2010 2009 fourth quarter, the upstream business climate index continues to remain in the "yellow zone", the economy is high. Business climate rolex yacht master ii online index from the upstream target of 12 constitute a change in circumstances, the fourth quarter of 2009, business volume and employment, corporate R & D investment of two indicators of climate index increased 1; household appliance manufacturing business needs, both corporate profits climate index decreased level indicators; other eight indicators of climate index remained at the original range, where the macroeconomic situation, household appliances operating conditions, business equipment operating rates remained at "red light district", entrepreneurs believe that a high degree of the three indicators of the economy. Entrepreneurs the first quarter of 2010 increased confidence level, into the "yellow light zone." From the upstream business confidence index of 12 indicators of changes in the composition of view, household appliances operating status indicators 8 to achieve confidence interval upgrading upstream entrepreneurs confidence in the first quarter of 2010. Upstream entrepreneur confidence, a direct reflection of machine manufacturers to meet Sell Season while preparing for a good trend. Entrepreneurs believe that the fourth quarter of 2009, "very good" and "good" percentage of 48%, lower than the third quarter, cheap hublot 2 percent; that the first quarter of 2010 will be "much better" and "better "The proportion of 57% over the cheap waltham riverside maximus for sale fourth quarter of 2009 increased 14 percentage points. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Women Leather Backpacks Manufacturer , China Men Leather Briefcase for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Women Leather Messenger Bags.