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Internal review in 2009 Projector Market, Vivitek is a small number of impressive brands. With the world's first LED Light source Platinum Jazz H9080FD 1080p projector shock release, "Show all" high into the Chinese market. Less than a year, the Luxeon with amazing performance increase of 300% projection into the domestic market, the top 10. 30 years of gestation, a 20-year break, 10 years of innovation, roger dubuis on sale showing everyone Accumulate, as the domestic industry to make high-profile "industry dark horse." If that projection in 2009 to achieve the perfect opening new Luxeon, then the next in 2010, Vivitek will be down to earth service to consumers, products and services through the double upgrade, steady progress in the domestic market share, towards the "five years into the" strategic objective further.

Vivitek Professional product upgrades are not poor out of the top New
2009, the Luxeon launched many products that shook the industry. The world's first 1080p projector LED light source Platinum Jazz H9080FD, the number of authoritative media only " Technology Revolution Award "and" FY Product Award "in the bag for the projector industry to promote technological innovation a big step; the first listing of million-level Full HD projector H1080 by fake cartier tonneau watch the media as" the most HD 10000 element-level Full HD projector ", for the majority of ordinary home users Video Enjoy the Gospel; to Intelligent dual-lamp technology known expertise Projectors Series defeat many strong opponents, winning in 2010 Shanghai World Expo 3 District 9 projector projects the museum ... ...

If the new 2009 Vivitek have sprung up to highlight the show we focus Projection display Accumulation area for many years, then the beginning of 2010, Luxeon new action to promote frequent, once again confirms the brand's in technology, research and development, manufacturing prowess. 2010, Luxeon increasingly rapid introduction of new cartier calibre de cartier replica products, new types of emerging products to further improve the layout, covering trade, commercial, full HD home, short-focus, 3D, engineering professionals in different fields, continue to better ourselves, to achieve a breakthrough.

In full HD replica hublot big bang king for sale home field, H5080 and H5085 to have listed, to the home projector market in the end brought two strong shocks, its superior image quality can be dubbed the "spike" cheap tag heuer aquaracer for sale in the heavyweight class products. Focal areas in the short, Luxeon D7 series recently released the industry's first projector to achieve the amazing ability to zero distance, completely out of space in the installation and ease of use on even beyond the liquid crystal TV As to promote the progress of another industry milestone products. At the same time, combined replica watches zenith defy xtreme open with D9 series, D5 series has a large number of short-focus products, Luxeon finished coke from semi-short, short short coke Coke the perfect transition to the short focal camp model to be greatly enriched. In the area of today's most popular 3D, Luxeon support a total of 12 pairs of 3D features NVIDIA3D and TIDLPLink products, including a full range of 9 products D5, D8 series, and D7 series, and the future will have more support for 3D Luxeon products one after another debut. I am an expert from China Bags Wholesale, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as ostrich leather bags , dooney and bourke replicas.