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July 25, Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine expert meetings held in Beijing, focused on the construction of coronary heart rolex copies for sale disease clinical research base for program demonstration. Deputy Minister of Health and the State Medicine Authority Wang Guoqiang to attend and speak. Science and Technology, State Administration of Traditional Leaders of departments and Pei-Gen Xiao, Bo-li, Chen Ji, Li Lianda experts such as academicians attended the meeting. Based on the analysis, according cartier santos replica to hospital President introduction, Xiyuan Hospital, clinical research base will be of major diseases and difficult diseases as the starting point, relying on its specialist focus, discipline advantages, integration of various resources, and strive to build a national Chinese medical services and technology innovation system to play a leading and exemplary role of academic clinical research base of Chinese medicine. Coronary heart disease, aplastic anemia, Depression , Chronic gastritis and precancerous lesions, cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and other diseases were initially six hospital-based clinical research focuses on diseases. "Our goal is to improve the clinical efficacy of TCM disease, and on this basis to develop treatment standards and norms, to build a high-level Chinese medicine clinical research team." Based on the analysis said. Xiyuan Hospital, established after the founding of New China as a large general hospital of Chinese medicine, after 50 years of construction and development, both clinical research capability, or qualified personnel have accumulated a deep and significant advantages for the construction of Chinese medicine clinical research base to lay a higher starting point. Wang Guoqiang Xiyuan Hospital in listening to the report and the views of experts, said the advantages of Chinese medicine in clinical efficacy is the first life. Established clinical research base, the purpose is to follow the Chinese law of development, constantly improve the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has faced its own characteristics, advantages gradually fade out, services tend to shrink, were not thinking of the old heritage of academic experts and other issues. Hospital clinical research base building, we should attach importance to these problems, give full play to their strengths, highlighting its own characteristics, to create the Chinese national team of clinical research. Wang Guoqiang said the hospital based clinical research in the building are also properly handle the following relationships: First, properly handle the clinical characteristics of Chinese medicine , diseases of the law, theoretical exploration and use of the relationship between modern science and technology. The basic theory of Chinese medicine should be used for guidance, understanding and interpretation of disease pathology, etiology, by syndrome differentiation and the application of modern science and technology continue to improve the efficacy. Second, properly handle the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine and innovation. Clinical research base-building needs of bold innovation, and this innovation is built on the basis of a good inheritance. replica cartier vendome 3 The relationship between the cheap ball watches hospital building and the focus of the relationship between clinical research bases. Key Laboratory of disease should pay buy franck muller attention to research team building. Four hospitals and properly handle the relationship between the Chinese Academy of resource integration. Hospital in science, while integrating their own resources to sub-use of Traditional Chinese Academy of Sciences of the resources.

5 rule has been properly handle the disease and treating disease. We must re-treat, but also on the prevention, combating major diseases continue to increase the level of Chinese medicine. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality breguet heritage online product, such as China Parking Sensor Parts , Rearview System Manufacturer, Parking Sensor Buzzer,and more.