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Quality manufacturing sector in Shenzhen, "extensive and profound, from the classic beauty," this sentence can be said that everyone familiar with the classic words of the author as a sentence?? Quality Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jin Boyuan has also Shenzhen Modern Arts & Crafts industry as a leader, a pioneer role. All of this is how to do it? Source of style in Bo's office, we visited the boutique in the manufacture of Jinbo Yuan, director of marketing?? Introspection to the Difficult. The forefront as a major gift industry manufacturers, Introspection to the Difficult about: Bo ideas on the source of the operating principles of its own, as the market's constantly evolving, Bo is also a source of constantly updated with their business replica watches panerai luminor 1950 gmt philosophy and methods, so that each step forward can adapt to the changing needs of the market, in the fierce market competition in an invincible position. Excellent source of Bo, director of marketing Introspection fake chronoswiss opus watch to the Difficult Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ?????????????????????????? Introspection to the Difficult said gift as a blessing or implication of the carrier to someone else, is a gift to express good wishes and blessings of people, while China, as ceremonies, with five thousand years of traditional culture, and reciprocity has been highly praised the Chinese traditional culture thing. In China's traditional arts and crafts in each pattern, each detail may contain a rich cultural connotations, is passed down for many years. We, as modern handicraft producers, the source of the product itself, Bo is fake ball waltham watch the use of traditional culture to modern crafts in the model, then we are the cultural dissemination of the messenger, a duty to express cultural meaning well, the traditional Chinese culture ideas flourish. Blossoming ???????????????????? And wants to use the extensive and profound Chinese culture expressed in the form of gifts, product design and development is particularly important, and this gift should be in today's fierce competition in the craft industry's most powerful weapon. The same time, a product meets the needs of the market to meet the needs of the consumer, that the analysis of information from market research is essential. Although the source of Bo in the gift industry is producing large-scale enterprises, but according to Introspection to fake a lange sohne datograph watch the Difficult introduction, Bo was not the source of the greatest advantages of the performance of its size, but its strong product design and development capabilities as well as market information, timely and effective grasp. Bo has a good source of product design and development team, there is a complete matching with the market reaction mechanism, design and development departments based on customer feedback and market research analysis to grasp the market demand, according to this need to constantly adjust product structure, design and development needs of the times demand a high quality product. Introspection to the Difficult said that this year, the company has invested in the design and development of a more human and financial resources, as a gift for a large production enterprises, to develop the product is the first one, but wants to ensure products in the market for a long time invincible, we must have strong design and development capabilities. Want Want ???????????????? Out the importance of the design and development, Hiroyuki sources on the requirements of product designers are also very high. Introspection to the Difficult said their designers have four basic requirements: first, dedicated; love my job, every one must have qualified staff. Second, the history of literature have the basic cultural attainment; it was a cultural gift and an essential quality of traditional crafts; third is full of passion, full of creativity; 4 is a very good team spirit. Sources on the market this year to take Bo "Building collaborative channel partner relationships to win-win" marketing strategy to increase regional market of services, and sent to market to the total regional manager Proxy Providers, authorized distributors, end customers market services, to collect under the jurisdiction of the regional market conditions, and also to be screened on the information to quantify. Package of information collected and then summarize, discuss, exchange, and finally find common ground, and when coupled with targeted and effective solution. For collaboration between various departments and complementary role in the implementation of effective source of Bo to go on one of the characteristics of effective management, which is a product focused, often become a regular new magic weapon. When we asked: gift industry, the phenomenon of counterfeiting products of plagiarism so serious, you are always make perfect replica rolex great efforts to develop the design of new products, will feel loss? Introspection to the Difficult wrote: For product counterfeiting, and we are very worried, because the initial investment to develop new products, great to spend the cost high, but as long as the product comes out, soon will be some small manufacturers copy. But I think corporate life with the mantra of the social mission, not because of fear of being copied to stand still, if we all do, will affect the whole gift industry forward. Introspection to the Difficult said, to deal with these fake products, in the current national policies and rolex president day date ii for sale regulations are relatively imperfect, we can do now is to finesse the product material and any real effort to quality, so fake costs as much as possible the gradual completion of handicraft industries to technology-intensive, technology-intensive. At the same time the formal joint industry manufacturers in combating counterfeiting and safeguard their own interests, protect the industry's healthy development. This is our right to survival and development of the gift industry, but also as an industry have a certain status within the enterprise to fulfill obligations. Hiroyuki we asked about the source's position as the industry's leading business case has been established, the next step, the company in the industry to continue to take the lead, what will the role of EU initiatives, the Honourable Ms. shrewd smile, said: Hiroyuki source as the industry leader in the market to have a distinctive sense of mission. Joint sector partner to combat counterfeiting, to maintain trade order is a form of expression of this sense of mission; in product management, we should always have to increase new product development, promotion efforts, and lead the whole process Gift market Trend, so the industry can be as gift craft Other Industry as a healthy and orderly development too! Ms. Yin

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