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For charming eyes ??Not long ago, people in the East Avenue Miss Mao from a particular selection of a clothing store in fashion this year lifting. Because it is a regular customer, after bargaining, Miss Mao to 260 yuan to get the absolute low hand, the prices also hit a six off four fifty dollars cheaper. Miss Mao contented when carrying out the new trousers, habitually looked at "suggested retail price" of the small signs, found a bit strange signs, and she gently pull a little, that marked the suggested retail price of 398 yuan Little sign fell down, followed by a national retail price of only 78 yuan. And other daily necessities, compared to profits of clothing has been the secrecy of fake breitling navitimer world watch the business. How much can a piece of clothing in the end? I am afraid this issue in addition to businessmen, who are not hard to say. Last year in December, the public Miss Feng and friends to Lanzhou shopping, buy clothes wholesale markets in the east, her eyes on a dress, through bargaining, to more than 100 yuan transactions. Miss Feng was preparing to payment, this shop to a large plastic bag holding a wholesale account, although the whisper when the two sides talk about price, but Miss Feng still catch their transaction price is 20 yuan each. Wholesale and retail prices such a big difference, so Miss Feng imagine, Miss Feng wish to re-bargain, but the wholesalers, they will not give her a lower price. Cohabitation brands In recent years, the provincial capital of clothing prices high, especially this year, whether it is in large clothing stores, or in the bustling streets of boutiques, clothing prices much higher than most years. Merchant told customers this year, clothing prices, and what is what this brand of clothes. Any small sign hanging clothes, regardless of "Silk Road", "city girls" or whatever name, whether you listen to never heard of are "brand names" must serves decent price. I believe the average consumer saw this sign is basically a smear eyes, in the end which is well-known brand-name buy ulysse nardin michelangelo which is it? And now those "Pong name brand" clothing is more rampant, "Crocodile" "old head" of the so-called brand-name clothes, are often low-cost sales. Counterfeit goods priced lower than the real thing, some people plan to buy cheaper. Serious false high prices A decade in Xining in the clothing business owner said that the apparel industry is actually a lucrative industry, price three or four hundred dollars of clothing, cost 40 yuan, but three, seven or eight hundred dollars replica a lange sohne datograph for sale price of clothing, but cost more than 100 yuan. Generally employ one to two clothing stores have sales, as long as the goods get in the right path to one day sell, artificial wages, rents, taxes would all have more to sell that is earned. The boss, the general costume, had three times the fake dubey schaldenbrand watch profit? 5 times, 10 times more than can be achieved. Profits come from two aspects, one is the price of "high reported low fight", the other is shoddy. A purchase price of the garment 100 can be marked to 800 yuan, hit 8-fold if the profits are 500 yuan, 300 yuan also hit five off the profits, but the bargain can Kandao 5 off a few people, after all, . Should be rational consumption Small businesses with the discount, Bargain compared to large shopping centers can be described as great variety of promotions, especially before the holiday consumption peak, Fan Quan, prizes and much more activities for the consumers confused. On the relationship between promotion and credit management issues, the provincial textile official said the building, standard, appropriate means of promotion is necessary for business activities, but some unusual promotions, the impact of the normal operating order, disturb the market, also harm the interests of consumers. From the business, because there is an associate, leasing space and other replica watches franck muller business model, it appears the phenomenon of products to fish. But to do so over time, once consumers see through, merchants will lose credibility. Therefore, positioning for different consumer groups, businessmen should be honest management, standardize services, access to the trust of consumers. From a consumer point of view, "the sky will not fall in your lap," do not lose money trading business should be rational consumption. The more right Xuanhu of none other activities, the more problems, compared to the same grade learn the same level of product, attention to quality, origin, composition and other details, not to be confused by the so-called brand goods. As the provincial capital to improve cartier pasha replicas the economic environment, some famous brand clothing and joined the Qinghai, between the genuine and fake brands, consumers need to have a clear understanding, must not blind superstition. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Laser Light Projector , China Double RGY?Laser Light for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Laser Light Equipment.