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One of my mentors always told me to look and see what everyone else in your industry is doing and then, to achieve your greatest home staging success, do the opposite. I have to admit that I am inclined to do this anyway. I have never been all that concerned with competition, always knowing there were plenty of houses to go around for as many Home Stagers or Home Staging Training and Certification companies that wanted to toss their hats in the ring. Of course, there is always work ethic to be considered. If you hold something in your heart, then you will also be able to outwork your competition any day of the week. Then, we all hear "work smart, not hard." Most days, if someone said that to me, I would shoot them. We don't live in that kind of society anymore, you have to work hard if you want to compete or beat your home staging or real estate competition. I prefer the "hard/smart" work ethic. That is where my mentor comes into play. If you really want to be the leader in your market place or not feel like all you are doing is "competing to the point of exhaustion" then you need to look around at your competition, see what they are doing (for what this is worth, this is not difficult as they generally ALL do the same thing) and then do the opposite. That is the same philosophy that I embraced when I first started out in the Home Staging Business and then carried it with me into APSD, our Home Staging Training and Certification Company. With home staging, I was one of the few stagers that really went after the real estate investor market, probably because I was an investor but also because everyone else was going after agents. Then, when everyone else was recreating "Pottery Barn," I developed a proprietary APSD Home Staging System with Scene Creation and Pockets of Emotion which resulted in our APSD 6 Step Proven Home Staging Pyramid so that our certified APSD Home Staging Professionals could follow a proven system with proven results. Today, we are ready to take another step. As so many so-called Home Staging Training and Certification companies enter the market (new home stager beware��who are these people and do they really qualify to train you?), we will be taking our business in yet buy ulysse nardin another direction. This is how you ��compete.' With APSD and the Home Staging Professionals that have been certified with us in 8 countries, I always tell them to focus being the leader of their community in the home staging industry. That doesn't mean they have to secure the most home staging jobs for the most amount of money, but it means that they should ball hamilton on sale always focus on doing things different than anyone else in their market place and they will naturally stand out as the leader. The benefit here is that your clients come to you instead of you constantly chasing them down. Just a few quick ways to "do the opposite:' 1) Market consistently. All of the APSD certified members know that marketing is key. At every level jaeger lecoultre master calendar online of APSD Home Stager Training, beginning with our APSD Certified Home Stager Program ( replica rolex yacht master ii ) I literally give them the marketing pieces and tools they need to go out and get home staging jobs. 2) Get consistent. Once you have the materials to market yourself and your home staging business and services, you have to develop a consistent cycle of marketing. I always teach the 1,7,30 day marketing cycle which I have discussed previously at length. Just by doing marketing and then getting consistent, I can promise you that you are already WAY ahead of your home staging competition replica illinois bunn for sale (by the way, for all of you that are reading this, obviously the same thing applies to your real estate business, your real estate investing business, interior design, organization, etc.) 3) Take a leap of faith. Most home stagers will just do the same thing every time. There is nothing wrong with this if it is your system, it works and it is right for the home and new buyer however, if you really want to take a step ahead of your competition, learn the fine art of scene creation and Pockets of Emotion. This is what will make your home more memorable than any other home stager in your marketplace. Now when the agent is showing the buyer 25 homes, and all they can remember is yours��guess whose they buy? And guess who gets another home staging job from the agent? YOU!!! Yippeee!!!! Scene top replicas Creation and Pockets of Emotion are the single best selling secret in real estate. It is why I spend so much time on them in our APSD Certified Home Stager Training Program ( ) So, no matter where you have been trained before or how long (or short) you have been staging, the real key to success is to learn what everyone else is doing��and do the opposite��it works for our members in over 8 countries��.try it and let me know your ��outrageous results.' To your home staging success, Karen Schaefer Join me at the "BIGGEST OUT OF THE BOX" home staging event of the year; ��STAGE!'