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To understand what a computer virus, you must first understand what a virus. It's actually a tiny organism that can only reproduce in a living cell or body. As such, it is usually harmful to the cell or body in which he lives. This is why a virus can make you sick or cause you have an illness. This refers to computers cartier diablo watches for sale because a computer virus is a malicious computer program that can actually damage your computer files. It is even possible to damage your computer. This is because a computer virus is able to duplicate and spread itself within a computer or computer network. You may not even know that your computer has a virus because it can usually hide in a really good program, file or document. Yeah, who would want to make a computer virus? A criminal who creates a computer virus might have some talented and have nothing better to do with their time. Their sole purpose for creating a computer virus is causing both problems and damage. Today there are many different names used to describe a computer virus. The names used to describe these different viruses are macro viruses, email viruses and Trojan horses. Naturally, each of these different viruses is a slightly different definition, but they all act in very similar ways. Each of these viruses is able to spread through the computer and infect files and documents. A computer virus may also spread fake patek philippe for sale through the Internet and local computer networks or removable storage devices. However, since the virus roger dubuis excalibur on sale is hidden, it is difficult to detect and easy to spread. Once a virus enters your computer can be very harmful or just annoying. What you can do to your computer and important data. Install antivirus software. What is Antivirus Software - Antivirus and Anti-Virus software is computer programs, the role of antivirus is to protect the computer against viruses and omega constellation for sale worms. This program actively guards computer infected with viruses and worms, it stops people trying to heck your computer or stop viruses deleting important data. The Antivirus software helps protect your personal data, corporate data from attacks on your personal computer or servers. Like taking medicine helps in healing the body the virus, also by buy rolex president day date ii installing antivirus software helps protect your computer and data. In addition to installing antivirus software you install on your computer firewall, too, this helps stop malicious attacks on your computer from people seeking personal and credit card information, they steel your personal and financial information. Good antivirus software will scan your hard drive for viruses, scan incoming email attachments and stop pop-up ads appear on the screen, etc. If you do not fake armand nicolet tramelan watches have antivirus software installed on your computer, you can purchase one of several companies. Microsoft product called Windows Live OneCare - usually starts at $ 50 per year. Symantec Norton product McAfee PC Doctor Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Panda Antivirus Titanium & Platinum NOD32 Anti-Virus Command Antivirus Antivirus McAfee Virus Scan Online Need help withfixing a slow computer ask a question at