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When you first set out to install hardwood flooring in your home, you probably never imagined how many decisions you'd be making. If you've never purchased wood flooring before, it's easy to assume that it's a cut-and-dry situation. However, there is a dizzying array of considerations that have to be made before you can actually have the flooring installed. Unlike carpeting - whose main variations involve textures, colors cheap bell ross chronograph watches and patterns - there concord c1 chronograph fake watches are many key factors that come into play with various different types of wood flooring. By keeping the following considerations in mind, you should be able to arrive at a look and style that is perfect for you. Does Wood Flooring Make Sense? Hardwood flooring works well in just about every room in the house. However, there are a hublot replica eta few key exceptions. Most notably, wood floors don't typically fare very well in bathrooms, where water is known to puddle up and collect on a regular basis. Unless you plan on being extremely meticulous about keeping the floor dry - and it's generally a losing battle - it's best to save the wood flooring for other parts of the home. Solid Wood or Engineered Wood? The next step to selecting the right kind of wood flooring for your home comes down to two basic choices: solid wood or engineered wood. Many people prefer the traditional look and style of solid wood; however, it's not particularly versatile or adaptable. It is also a big no-no for any part of the house that experiences high humidity on a regular basis, since solid wood expands and contracts when it's exposed to humidity. Engineered wood, which is made out of several layers of wood veneer, doesn't come with such restrictions. In terms of price, too, engineered wood typically comes out a winner when stacked up against solid wood. Do plenty of in-depth research before making this decision. Finished cheap jaeger lecoultre reverso watches or Unfinished? For the vast majority of people, finished wood makes the most sense. After all, it eliminates a very cumbersome and time-consuming part of the hardwood flooring installation process. On top of that, wood that's already finished already looks fantastic. Unless you have a ton of experience in finishing hardwood floors, doing that type of job yourself is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, you know just what you're getting when you buy finished wood. The only times when unfinished wood floors make sense is when you simply love doing the job yourself or when a lot more work will be going on in the room after the flooring is installed. Selecting the Right Finish Assuming that you decide to go with finished wood floors, you'll have to decide on the degree to which it will be finished. Rooms that get very little foot traffic can get away with hardwood floors that are very lightly finished. Rooms that see high volumes of foot traffic, though, generally need thicker and more durable finishing. In addition to making the wood look radiant and beautiful, finishing protects its integrity. If an insufficient amount of finishing is used, it can wear thin; in short order, the floor replica cartier vendome can start looking aged and worn. Light Wood or Dark Wood? Another decision that you'll have to make ebel type e replicas about your hardwood flooring involves color. Light-colored woods and finishes work especially well in rooms that have contemporary or modern designs. If the room in question has a more classic look, though, darker flooring may be in order. This decision is going to depend on many different variables, too, including the kind of furniture that's in the room and whether the walls are painted or have wallpaper. Do-it-Yourself or Hire the Pros? Finally, many people try to cut costs by installing hardwood flooring themselves. If you or someone you know is especially handy in that regard - and has plenty of experience - this shouldn't be a problem. However, this isn't the type of job that should be tackled by inexperienced folks. When wood floors aren't installed correctly, they can warp and wear out at a lightning-fast pace. After spending so much on the supplies, it would be a shame to end up with unattractive floors. The best way to guarantee perfectly stunning floors is by bringing in the pros. Choosing the right wood floors is more involved than deciding between one or two different varieties. As complicated as the decision-making process may be, it's for a good cause: topnotch wood floors that enhance the quality and appearance of your home. When you look at it that way, the road that you take to get there doesn't seem so daunting. Gina Hopkins writes about different home renovation tips and the latest on hardwood flooring for design, out of St. Louis, MO. Always looking for the best bargain on renovation materials, she tends to end up shopping at more often than not.