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As rice cooker Small appliances Industry, one of the first steps of the industry, crazy in recent years after the development of competition in the domestic market has basically reached the "limit." At present, the rice cooker market structure becoming more and more obvious, the business of the respondents are as follows: "Top student"?? To Supor, beautiful as the representative of well-known brand; "Average student"?? To triangular, Nippon, charity, etc., represented in popular domestic brand; "Late admissions"?? To Glanz , TCL As the representative of the new entrants; "Repeater"?? To hemisphere, sound and other content represented by traditional low-end brand. Today's rice cooker brand can be said to cohabitation, but with the rice cooker industry mature domestic market, the inevitable re-shuffle, when the time of these "students" will give debut? Need for strategic brand marketing planning agencies in 11 cities on the monitoring of electric cookers industry come to the following analysis. "Class" fake patek philippe moonphase watches overall competitiveness assessment: 1, Levels: General has a clear hierarchy, "a top student," "Loneliness," "late admissions", "repeaters" for the four grades, all levels of the knockoff concord "characteristics" and "blind spots", "potential" are not the same. 2, speed: Rice cooker is a small household appliance industry one of the fastest growing industries, annual growth rate of domestic sales and export up to 35% to 40%. "student" status: 1, outstanding students: the Supor, representatives of the United States for domestic brands. 1, features: a relatively strong competitive brand, sales network better, more innovative marketing ideas. 2, blind: Brand cover blind spots: 34 market has gradually become a new area of competition in the industry (Figure 1), cities, towns, rural penetration of 90%, 57.2%, 8.3%, showing that the current "top student "Enterprise development in 34 markets slow. 3, recommends: For the "top student" own "blind spots", the best strategy for media organizations made the following programs: A, market development focus to tilt to the rural market: the use of funds, logistics and fake rolex masterpiece other natural advantages, the establishment and development of rural market base to segment rivals, and establish its own brand "scarcity value." B, adhere to brand strategy-oriented, change marketing model: technology-based, competitive differentiation adhere to personalization, segmentation of products to enhance the value and premium brands ability to brand value to boost competitiveness of products and services power sales from the mass sales of the transition to the fine, pay attention to the brand "scarcity value" of upgrading the transmission and the terminal further strengthen the brand, "scarcity value" in order to win consumers. C, to strengthen the Northwest, North China regional market competitiveness.

4, the potential: with the introduction of electric cookers industry standards, will further speed up the shuffle with a strength of "top student" companies will lead the development zenith el primero class open online of the industry and become the industry's dominant rice cooker. I am an expert from , while ball replica we provides the quality product, such fake rockford grade watches as Other Glues Sealants Manufacturer , Silicone Sealants Manufacturer, Polyurethane Sealants,and more.