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7 1, the number of new laws come into effect, the public spending covering many aspects of life. patek philippe twenty watches for sale This reporter visited Anshan market yesterday and found that different laws and regulations in the relevant practitioners and the public in the impact of Anshan was not the same. Appliance supermarkets have "freon" Issued by the SEPA appliances "no fluorine order" provision, from July 1, any manufacturer not to produce fluorine-containing refrigerators, freezers, September 1, the fluoride may not be sold refrigerators, freezers. In the "ban fluoride Order" cheap chronoswiss timemaster began the second day, the reporter visited a street of West Renmin Road home appliances. The reporters found that Suning, Gome two stores in the sale of all refrigerators, freezers have been reached "fluorine-free" standards. The two adjacent shopping centers with small appliance store, there are still individual freezer is fluorine. Some industry sources, from last year, Anshan market a second-tier brand refrigerators, freezers had all achieved the fluorine-free, currently only a small number of individual small brands have freezers in the Bargain fluoride treatment. replica graham chronofighter diver Number of sales, said nearly a week, many customers ask themselves whether the Chinese and fluorine-free refrigerators, but most consumers are not aware of the so-called fluorine-free refrigerators requires not only fluorine-free refrigerants, foaming agent must also be fluorine-free, that is, manufacturers said the "double fluorine-free." Anshan, a brand refrigerator manufacturers responsible Cheng suggested that the majority of freon-free refrigerators currently used refrigerant for R600a, blowing agent to cyclopentane, the public should be careful in choosing the parameters of Table View refrigerator. For now many families are using the fluoride Anshan refrigerator, some manufacturers, head of Anshan, said yesterday that "no fluoride so" will not affect previously sold fluorine refrigerator service, if necessary, normal user can change to the service sector freon. Basic safety electric water heater The new national standard electric water heater on July 1 also come into force, the new standards require the use of the water heater in case of devices other than the ground system anomalies, should be able to ensure the safety of users. replica roger dubuis hommage In December last year, this reporter conducted an interview, also less than three percent of the electric water heater to meet the new standards. But again reporter yesterday visited several appliance stores in Anshan, the relevant person said that the current mainstream brand in the sale of electric water heaters have been fully able to meet new national safety standards. Head of a household electrical appliance shopping fake cartier tank for sale centers, said best replica rolex Mr. Lee, in December last year since most of the stores out of a water heater brands, which have individual small brands can not reach a new standard. Some electric water heater sales, said the products are generally consistent with national standards "that the products meet the new national standard electric water heater", "SafeCare", "anti-power wall" and other explicit content, and recommended that consumers buy with priority Environmental leakage prevention products. Dyeing new regulations "landing" silent Compared to some of the new regulations affect the immediate effect on the industry, it has been since July 1 implementation of the "washing and dyeing industry, management practices," but little to cause any movement of Anshan dyeing industry.

Reporter interviewed found the vast majority of dry cleaners that "never heard" or "not very clear," "approach" the relevant provisions. The garden on the road, a large dry cleaning head, Ms. Geng said the network learned recently from a number of "measures" the relevant provisions, but the implementation in Anshan, there are still some difficulties. Ms. Geng said that in order to preserve and increase the cleaning, for example, although the store since opening the business project from there, but over the years who had no customer requests in the past. It is understood that, for dry cleaning damage accidents, most dry cleaners currently Anshan has its own "indigenous methods", and some clothing and the purchase price in accordance with the 30% compensation, while others are determined through bilateral consultations, the amount of compensation. The "measures" to preserve and increase services provided, many dry cleaning operators and consumers have raised concerns that the amount of hedging and the standard of compensation should be based on what the reference. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as BOPP Packing Tape Manufacturer , China Kraft Liner Tape for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Semi Adhesive Tape.