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Nowadays we majority of us still settle for hardwood floors as the best flooring option for your homes, but little we know that this type of flooring is derived from different species of lumber which is directly proportional to the quality and price of the said material. Here the commonly used raw materials for your precious hardwood floors Amendoim - is specie of wood that is native in North America, this type of raw material offers moderate hamilton replica watches durability compared to the other species of wood. The almost abundant supply make this type inexpensive compared to others. The distinct color makes it very popular it comes in Tan, orangey brown, and reds shades and chronoswiss regulateur for sale in time changes to Medium tan with red highlights. Ash - is also common in the Northern parts of America and is abundant so prices are closely similar that of Amendoim but offers greater durability making it a better option than Amendoim. Colors vary from tan to brown and in time changes to tans. Australian Cypress - Is only found in remote regions of Australia making it one of the most expensive solid wood flooring its wide array of colors make it very popular and what is great about this specie is that it replica tourneau for sale almost never change color even in time. Durability is also graded moderate. Brazilian Teak - Native replica e howard watch co to Brazil and Peru only making it very expensive, this specie is also one of the strongest and most durable making it the best choice for high traffic areas and were abuse is most likely. The material's color ranges from tan to brown and color changes are unusual but if so it only changes to even out the color making it more beautiful in time. Bloodwood - is found in Brazil, Peru and Venezuela making supply greater that of the omega constellation on sale others, As the name implies bloodwood has the most distinct color among the classes it comes in orange reds and in time mid orange and deep reds only. Brazilian maple - Is also found in the tropical forest of Brazil and it comes in a very distinct beige and blonde shade making it popular if you want a more uncluttered and cheap iwc ingenieur for sale a lighter color room. There are many more other species of wood that is used in hardwood flooring, be sure to consider looking into this as well before settling for anything. Not only that you can maximize the value of your money you can also be guaranteed of your desired results.